East 10th Street Gateway Project (5 Murals)

  • E-10 1
  • E-10 2
  • E-10 3
  • E-10 4
  • E-10 5
  • E-10 6
  • E-10 7
  • E-10 8

Situated at the gateway of the East 10th Street corridor, three strands of color and energy weave in and out of Leck's five murals. These strands represent the three pedestrian trails that meet at this gateway -- the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, the Monon Trail and Pogue's Run. Leck's five murals were completed during the 2011 Lilly Day of Service with over 1,100 Lilly employees.

Trivergence is located at the intersection of East 10th Street and Massachusetts Avenue.

Leck, Carl