Arts Council of Indianapolis


The Arts Council of Indianapolis works to share the important work of the arts and cultural organizations with the community. The arts and cultural industry in Indianapolis is an economic force and a catalyst for enriching an already wonderful place to live, work, and play. As the chief arts advocate for the city, the Arts Council shares important statistics, information, and research about the arts and cultural community with our civic and corporate leaders.

But there is another important part of advocacy…YOU. We appreciate your time on our website, and your passion and interest in the arts.

Here’s a question for you: Have you shared your passion and belief in the arts to make a better Indianapolis with your elected officials?

Advocating for the arts is everyone’s responsibility.

This section of our website provides you with important facts, statistics, and information to share with your elected officials. Don’t know who they are? We can help with that, too. Let us know how we can answer your questions by contacting us today.


The arts industry in Indianapolis:

   Generates $384 million in economic activity annually

          Supports 13,136 full-time equivalent jobs

          Returns more than $42.5 million each year in state and local taxes

Public support of the arts is made each year by the City of Indianapolis through an allocation of $1 million. An additional $300,000 comes from the Capital Improvement Board. The funds are allocated through a public grant adjudication process supporting the work of more than 50 arts and cultural organizations each year. The return on investment is phenomenal: $1.3 million is allocated to the arts and the arts generate $384 million in economic activity.