Art at Indianapolis International Airport

March 2017

In partnership with the Indianapolis Airport Authority, the Arts Council of Indianapolis manages the award-winning temporary exhibition program at Indianapolis International Airport. The Arts Council curates rotating installations in closed cases in the main terminal, commissions new work for the video screens above the main escalator/staircase, and operates a long-term loan program for large sculpture outdoors in the North Terminal Garden.

The current exhibitions are on display until July 18, 2017:


The spring and early summer exhibitions at Indianapolis International Airport highlight four artists, all teachers, working in different media and styles that show the breadth and variety of contemporary Indiana art.

Screen Shot 2017 03 17 at 2.19.46 PMClay artist Lesley Baker takes her imagery from designs found in historical wallpaper, world currencies, and ceramics of all places and eras. To her, clay is a simple raw material that has been used to create precious objects: she uses aspects of both simplicity and preciousness in her work. Baker’s altered natural flora and fauna in the New Growth exhibition ask viewers to look more closely at the changing world around them. Baker is an Associate Professor of Ceramics at IUPUI’s Herron School of Art & Design, and lives in Indianapolis. In 2013 she received a prestigious Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship from the Arts Council, and has been an Artist in Residence at several well-known clay centers around the world.

Leaves roliquery and imprint

Amy Brier, a stone sculptor, derives pleasure from the simple act of carving by hand. Her Roliqueries series is designed to transmits some of that pleasure to viewers: the carved spheres, so attractive to handle, are made to be rolled over beds of sand to leave imprints of natural images like fish and leaves. While viewers will not be able to actually roll the works in her exhibition, there is a demonstration sand bed that can be seen up close. Brier is a native of Providence, Rhode Island, and came to Indiana for graduate school in art at Indiana University / Bloomington. She has been a stonecarver at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, where she learned old-world techniques. Currently she lives in Smithville, Indiana and teaches art at Ivy Tech Community College in Bloomington as well as at the annual Indiana Limestone Symposium in Elletsville, an event she co-founded. (note: Brier’s work is installed in Concourse B and is only accessible to ticketed passengers)

Meditation VPainter David Cunningham is well known for his astonishing ability to reproduce the real world on canvas with nearly photographic accuracy. His installation, titled Meditations, is a group of paintings of stones that not only call up memories of his boyhood, but also reveal the deep, almost spiritual relationship we as humans have with the earth’s ancient past. For him, painting is a form of meditation and a way to understand himself and the world around him. Cunningham was born in Carmel, California, and was raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He currently lives in Indianapolis with his wife and their four children. In addition to painting, David is a professor of Art at Franklin College where he teaches Painting, Design, Ceramics and Issues in Contemporary Art.

Suffragette editedLisa Sears’ painting Suffragette is inspired by women’s history. She has arranged a series of one-foot- square canvases, similar to quilt blocks, into a single artwork that pays homage to quilts and the role they played in the movement to allow women the right to vote. In the 19 th century, quilting circles provided women with valuable social time and acted to bond them into a mutual support network. Not only did these women discuss political issues while quilting, they used their skills to make quilts and other needlework to raise money to press their cause forward. Sears is a resident of Brownsburg, Indiana and graduated from IUPUI’s Herron School of Art & Design with concentrations in Drawing, Art Education, and Art History. By day she teaches art at Greenfield Central High School, and she paints by night.

Lesley Baker, Sticky Situation, clay, paper and wire, 2015

Amy Brier, Lake Monroe Oaks (with imprint), limestone, 2016

David Cunningham, Meditation V, oil on panel, 2016

Lisa Sears, Suffragette, acrylic on canvas, 2015-16

Next on view: abstract paintings by Samuel Vazquez and Orie Shafer, and mixed-media constructions by Orie Shafer, July – November, 2017.

 VIDEO PROJECT: Midwestern Memories by Dan Cooper

Video projects are screened several times an hour above the main escalator/stair down to Baggage Claim.

Artist Dan Cooper is obsessed with memories: the neurology of how they are formed, the biology of how and when we access them, and the psychology of how we build our identities around them. Midwestern Memories, a commissioned video project created especially for Indianapolis International Airport, uses two generations of family videos to artistically represent how memories work, and in the process provides images of shared American cultural memory that are familiar whether viewers have personally experienced them or not. The video is on view through June 30, 2017.

Cooper was born in Greensburg, Indiana and has lived in Indianapolis since the age of 7. He received his art training from Arlington High School and then at Indiana University - Bloomington and the University of Indianapolis. He paints and draws in addition to his video work. A self-employed artist, Cooper also teaches video production and youth arts outreach at the Indianapolis Art Center in addition to volunteering as an art teacher at the Pendleton, Indiana correctional facility. He is active in the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers’ Association (IDADA). See more of Cooper’s work at

160411 MidwesternMemories still2

Next on view: Beginning July 1, 2017, a new version of Indianapolis artist Jarrod Moschner's award-winning animation "Penguins: The Magic Hat" will play on the bigscreen periodically through December 31, 2017.



Tussle, by Chicago artist Ted Sitting Crow Garner, is on view in the North Terminal Garden through mid-2018.


Proposals are currently being sought for indoor installations in 2017: visit our Artist Opportunities website for more information.