Art Garden: Sculpture at the Garfield Park Art Center

May 2017

Looking from larger pad to smaller pad

The Arts Council of Indianapolis is pleased to partner with Indy Parks to host two sculptures at the Garfield Park Arts Center. The Arts Council is the project manager, facilitating the artwork selection process, and will coordinate installation requirements between the artist and the Indy Parks team. The Arts Council will also ensure that the artwork is delivered on time and installed according to Indy Parks’ requirements.

The Garfield Park Arts Center, located in Indianapolis’ Garfield Park adjacent to the historic Pagoda, has two concrete pads near the building on the upper level available to host artwork. These pads are (1) 72” diameter round and (1) 48” square, each 4 inches thick. The eventual goal to install pads in a number of Indy Parks sites for a large program of rotating temporary installations throughout the system.


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