December 2012: TINY

TINY FB eventTINY, a group show curated by Gallery 924 at the Arts Council, showcases the TINY work of more than 100 central Indiana artists. Participating artists were challenged to create pieces no bigger than 6" x 6" x 6" and utilize all nooks and crannies of the gallery. Some of the work is simply miniature versions of the artist’s standard offerings, but some artists were inspired by the gallery’s layout to create site-specific installations. We will have shorts--films under 6 minutes--thanks to the Indianapolis International Film Festival. Every medium and style is represented from oil, watercolor, clay, bronze, and video; and in every style from conceptual to traditional, there is truly something for everyone at TINY.

View opening photos here.

November 2012: Elise Schweitzer

3GardenPartyDetail1Schweitzer makes exuberantly large oil paintings of people dancing, playing music, fighting and fleeing from metaphorical and actual upheaval. She stages a series of actions and reactions to capture a peak dramatic moment. Her painting technique, coupled with her specificity in color and form help create bold and expressive experiences. Her paintings embrace an historic tradition of grand-scale figurative painters referencing some of the timeless and iconic works of art history while exploring more contemporary themes such as anxiety and autobiography.

View opening photos here.

October 2012: Pete Brown

Daredevil webBLIND. is a participatory exhibition which adds a new dimension to visual art, aiming to encourage people of varying visual abilities to interact with the art, via audio, video, touch, and sight. Brown, coming off of a two year Creative Renewal Fellowship, has partnered with Bosma Enterprises to create a gallery experience that challenges the preconceptions of how people relate and interact with visual art. Brown’s work uses the aesthetic of street art and graffiti to create an urban and contemporary, yet accessible narrative. Throughout the visit, many common perceptions, regarding how people with visual disabilities experience the visual world, will be broken and redefined.

Special Saturday Closing
Saturday, October 27 | 10 a.m. to 2 

September 2012: Transitions & Possibilities

Disappearing CloudEnergized by a recent Arts Council of Indianapolis Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship, Lile finds his work in a transitional period that challenges his own perceptions and likely those of his audience. His new work engages space beyond the physical piece itself, denying the viewer visual access to a work that is right in front of them, and creating work that requires the viewer to hold one view in mind while moving to another location to get another view.  The possibilities inherent in this type of transition are truly endless. In Transitions & Possibilities, visitors to Gallery 924 will experience a show that physically extends beyond the four walls of the gallery. 

September 7 | 6 - 9 p.m.

August 2012: Supermodernity

Courtland webSPECIAL HOURS | Gallery 924 will be closed from 10-2 on Thursday, August 30 for Start with Art. We will reopen at 2.

Blade’s work deals with ideas of supermodernity – the concept of society existing in a hyper-realized modernity, detached from the past. His images of empty subways, motorways and airport terminals invoke a sense of isolation and non-place. These images reflect the lack of personal connection in our rapidly changing society, accentuated by the absence of any human figures. Blade’s new work creates a sense of unease, dislocation and foreboding, but one that is certainly familiar in our contemporary urban landscape.

August 3 | 6 - 9 p.m.