August 2012: Supermodernity

Courtland webSPECIAL HOURS | Gallery 924 will be closed from 10-2 on Thursday, August 30 for Start with Art. We will reopen at 2.

Blade’s work deals with ideas of supermodernity – the concept of society existing in a hyper-realized modernity, detached from the past. His images of empty subways, motorways and airport terminals invoke a sense of isolation and non-place. These images reflect the lack of personal connection in our rapidly changing society, accentuated by the absence of any human figures. Blade’s new work creates a sense of unease, dislocation and foreboding, but one that is certainly familiar in our contemporary urban landscape.

August 3 | 6 - 9 p.m. 

July 2012: The Clay Show

July postcard front web

The practice of using clay as a material to build functional and ritualistic objects is thousands of years old. By its very nature, clay is rooted in our beginnings and has evolved over the centuries to move beyond function and into the realm of fine art. In July, Gallery 924 brings together the best of central Indiana contemporary clay artists. The Clay Show features 15 artists and more than 30 pieces of art that range from sculpture, vessels, figurative work, painting and more.

July 6 | 6 - 9 p.m. 

June 2012: Dan Cooper

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Cooper’s work has a strong Midwestern sensibility, but his expression derives from a combination of science and art. His fascination with astronomy and physics is the basis for his new work. Seasons incorporates painting, drawing, photography and video to explore the visual expressions of nature’s annual phases.

June 1 | 6 - 9 p.m.

May 2012: Jan R. Martin


Martin’s lifelong fascination with the beauty of decaying surfaces found on discarded, manmade objects like old cans, trucks and industrial debris is his inspiration for much of his new work.  Not only do they reveal beauty in their textures, shapes and colors, they allow for allegorical references, implying alternate realities and alluding to human existence.  Like a mirage, Martin distorts reality using oil, acrylic and canvas to provoke the viewer’s imagination.


April 2012: Anna Lee Chalos-McAleese

G924_April2012Glass artist Chalos-McAleese's new work juxtaposes fragile, geometric glass forms with the strength and textures of stone and metal, with her combination of the two materials. These layers of these vastly differing textures are reminiscent of the striations seen in geologic cross sections. Her signature patterns in the cold-formed glass reflect the shapes and lines seen from a cross-continental flight over the Great Plains taken by the artist last year. The views of the crops and the irrigation lines cutting across the patchwork fields, plowed and planted, are the inspiration for this new body of work.