Ernest Disney-Britton, Director of Grant Services & Education Partnerships

Provenance: Cincinnati, Ohio

Current neighborhood: Downtown Indianapolis, IN

First Job: Arts Consortium of Cincinnati, a community arts center

If I weren't an arts administrator, I would be: A teacher, like the rest of my family

Inspiration: Contemporary religious art

Reading: Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis by Robert D. Putnam

Listening to: Every song by the Indianapolis Men’s Chorus

Zen Moment: Easter Mass

Current Project: Any Given Child Indy, an arts in education partnership with the Kennedy Center and Indianapolis Public Schools.

Dream Project: I’m living my dream project as a program officer for the arts.

What artist/musician (living or deceased) would you like to have dinner with and where would you take them? Salvador Dali, and I’d take him to Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles because it is fun!

Love about the Indy arts scene: The collaboration between arts organizations.

When you are not out crusading for the arts, where can we find you? In Brooks Brothers buying a new blue shirt.

Community Service/Memberships/Certifications:
IndyHub Board Member; Center for Interfaith Cooperation; and LifeJourney Church