Shawn Jones

Shawn Jones, Website & Network Manager

Provenance: Born in South Korea, grew up in Bainbridge, IN

Current neighborhood: Devonshire, Indianapolis, IN

First Job: Indianapolis Children’s Choir

Inspiration: My family, Rachmaninoff Symphony No. 2, a good rainstorm. 

Reading: My last read was the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini

Listening to: Mnozil Brass, whatever I am playing for my next concert

Zen Moment: Visiting Seoul, South Korea for the first time since being born there.

What artist/musician (living or deceased) would you like to have dinner with and where would you take them? Wynton Marsalis because he is just a cool dude. I would let him choose a place in New Orleans.

Love about the Indy arts scene: I love there are so many different options and there are a lot of entry points to get involved.

When you are not out crusading for the arts, where can we find you? Spending time with my family, playing trumpet with the Carmel Symphony, sitting at my computer working on websites.