Art & Soul
at the Artsgarden 2019

Art & Soul 2019 - Kick Off
Hold the date: Saturday, February 2, 2019 - 12:15 pm 
Indianapolis Artsgarden, above the intersection of Washington and Illinois Streets

Art & Soul celebrates empowerment through the arts. Rise up and take part in the kick-off celebration featuring a procession of African drumming by Griot Drum Ensemble, featured artists, and arts leaders; a jazz tribute to Wes Montgomery; an inspirational dance performance by Krash Krew; and an art exhibition by featured artist Gary Gee.

2019 Featured Artists

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Nominate a 2019 Featured Artist

An Art & Soul Featured Artist is an African American artist who is professionally unrecognized but stylistically evolved. An eligible artist:

  • Has been working in or pursuing their field for no more than three years
  • Is not currently in high school or pursuing a degree

Countdown to Art & Soul


Past Art & Soul Featured Artists

Art & Soul Featured Artists
Over the years, the Arts Council of Indianapolis has featured numerous African American artists through its unique programming and performances during Black History Month. The following includes a list of past Art & Soul Featured Artists dating back to 2009:

Ryan L. Bennett - Theatre
Lauren Curry - Dance
Gary Gee - Visual Art
Joe "Too Black" Clemons - Spoken Word


Carrington Clinton - music 
Devon Ginn - theatre
Taylar Green - dance
Tiffany Marie Parker - visual

Derrick Carter - visual
Mariah Ivey - spoken word
Nick Owens - dance
Jared Thompson - music

Matthew Davis - literary
Zakk Knight - music
Kassim Norris - visual/film
Ronne Stone - dance

E’Jaaz Collins - music
Myah Evans - music
Ash Robinson - visual
Kristina Sharpe - music

Tasha Beckwith - visual
Blair Clark - music
Rusty Redenbacher & Mr. Kinetik - music

Michael Jordan - visual
Lee’a Ro - music
Tony Styxx - music

Donna Edmond - music
Lobyn Hamilton - visual/music
Rob White - music

Bashiri Asad - literary/poetry
LaShawnda Crowe Storm - visual
Shederick Whipple - music
F!ghting Words an'NEM - music/spoken word

Mike Graves - visual
Gabrielle Patterson - poetry/spoken word
Temara Payton - theatre
Albert Paul Spaulding, Jr. - rhythm and poetry
Denise Tichenor-Collins - music
Herman Whitfield III - music

Thank you to our funders

Indiana Arts Commission
Clowes Charitable Foundation