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Support the arts through the Arts Council of Indianapolis

Thank you for considering a gift to the Arts Council of Indianapolis. The programs we provide are free to all artists and arts organizations in central Indiana and are vital to a healthy arts community. With your help, the Arts Council will continue to create the best environment for the arts to thrive. Your support helps us achieve our mission–to build financial support and widespread appreciation for meaningful engagement in the arts. A gift to the Arts Council is a gift to all the arts in central Indiana. Please give today.

If you are looking for more ways to become involved, financially or otherwise, please contact the Arts Council President & CEO, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., at (317) 631-3301.


Programs and services of the Arts Council of Indianapolis are made possible, in part, through generous contributions and funding support from:


Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation
Angie's List
Barnes & Thornburg LLP
Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP
Bohlsen Group
BSA LifeStructures
Buckingham Foundation
Butler Arts Center
Central Indiana Community Foundation
Christel DeHaan Family Foundation
Circle City Development Corporation
Citizens Energy Group
Clifton Larson Allen LLP
Community Health Network
Conrad Indianapolis
Design Collective, Inc.
Duke Realty Corporation
Eli Lilly and Company
Elliott Co. of Indianapolis
Emmis Communications
Eskenazi Health
F.A. Wilhelm Construction Company
Frank & Katrina Basile
Harrison College
Ice Miller LLP
Indiana Sports Corporation
Indianapolis Airport Authority
Indianapolis Colts
Indianapolis Marriott Downtown
Indianapolis Motor Speedway LLC
Indianapolis Power & Light Company
Indy Chamber
Indy Star
JPMorgan Chase
Katz, Sapper & Miller
Lilly Endowment Inc.
MacAllister Machinery Company Inc.
Mary & Mike Blanchet
Messer Construction - Indianapolis
Monarch Beverage Company Co., Inc.
Morgan Stanley-The Stapleton Fox Group
NextGear Capital
Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr., Memorial Foundation, Inc.
OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc.
Pacers Sports & Entertainment
Pile CPAs
Q7 Associates
RATIO Architects, Inc.
Schahet Hotels, Inc.
Shaheen Foundation
Shiel Sexton Company Inc.
Somerset CPAs and Advisors
Star Media
The Glick Family Foundation
The Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF affiliate
The National Bank of Indianapolis
The Stapleton Fox Group at Morgan Stanley
Tourism Tomorrow, Inc.
University of Indianapolis
Van Piper Woodard Family Foundation
Willard and Anne Levin Foundation
Williams/Rimstidt Family Foundation


Addison Alenduff
Janet Allen
Karen Alter
Robin Andres
Pat Anker
Dan Appel
Julie Apple
Lisa Autry
Heather Bacher
Robert Bader
Carol Baker
Lorraine Ball
Frank Basile
Thomas Battista
Stephen Beard
Stephen Beaver
Sara Beggs
Desma Belsaas
Bryce Bennett
Joe Bentley
Ezra Birt
Mary & Mike Blanchet
Ted Boehm
Cindi Bontreger
Susan Bradford
John Bragg
Barbara Branic
Valerie Brennan
Martha Briggs
Amy Brown
Jennifer Brown
Michael Burke
Gay Burkhart
Donald Burrus
Cathy Burton
Adam Chavers
Ryan Chelli
Lacey Clifford
Lesa Coleman
Beth Corneglio
Kathy Cox
Jeff Crook
Terri Czajka
Meghan Dagon
Rojita Datta
Ann Dee
Brett Deery
Rebecca Dixon
Leigh R. Evans
Robert  Fechtman
Priscilla Anderson Ferland
Darrel Fitch
Pamela Fogle
David Forsell
Shannon Forsell
Stephanie Fuhrmann
Natalee Fuller
Sarah Funke
Jeffrey Gaither
Karen Gentleman
Dorothea & Philip Geretos
Ted Givens
Marisol Gouveia
Michael Grady
Perry & Michelle Griffith
David Gulley
Kelly Hale
Heather Hall
Steven Haller
George Hanlin
Jacqueline Haynes
Stephanie Hays-Mussoni
Mandy Hall
George Hanlin
John & Susan Hazer
Melissa Henderson
Rachel Hernandez
Sandra Herron
Kathryn Hicks
PT & Jane Hodgin
Lindsey Horan
Brenda Horn
Gary & Helene Houdek
Michael Huber
Mickey Huffman
Sally Hunter
Douglas Huntsinger
Alison Hurley
Stan Hurt
Sandra Hurt
Mary Inchauste
Dale Jacobs
Erik Johnson
Suzanne Johnson
Christopher Jones
Courtney Jones
Laurel Judkins
Samantha Julka
Steve Kaelble
Anson Keller
Jacqueline Kelly
Quay Kester
Anna Kirkman
Rita Kohn
Karen Kuehr
Sarah Kuester
Gina Laite
Anne Laker
Sam Laurin
Deborah Lawrence
Robin Ledyard
Kristen Leep
Elisabeth Lesem
Laura Levine
Thomas Lewis
Todd Leyden
Andrew & Valarie Litke
Rhonda Long-Sharp
Ben & Krista Lotter
Victoria Lyras
Michael McCrory
Kyle McFarland
Janice McHenry
Bryan McHugu
Amy McKune
Andrew Meyer
Larry Metzler
Denise Miller
Tim Miller
Matt Mindrum
Deborah Mitchell
Christopher Molloy
Rashonda Moore
Joyce Morris
Ellen Munds
Brian Newman
Ryan Noel
Eric Olson
Tanya Stuart Overdorf
Jeffrey Patchen
Robin Patterson
Michael Pettry
Gayla Pitts
J. Michael Pitz
Dixie Platt
William Potter
Margaret M. Rapp
Daren Redman
Julie Reed
Kim Reeves
Sandra Reiberg
David Resnick
Bob Reynolds
Sally Rice
Jean & Lamar Richcreek
Andrea Riffey
N. Clay Robbins
Natalie Roberts
Jill Robisch
Lester Sandoe, Jr.
Sandra Schaefer
Gary Schahet
Anne Scheele
Tricia Schug
Kim Ann & Michael Schultz
Blake Schulz
Silvana Schuster
Mary Seifert
G. Marlyne Sexton
Yvonne Shaheen
Krista Skidmore
Dr. Shayne SmallCynthia Sowder
Kimberly Spangler
Dr. Kathleen Spears
Susan St. Angelo
Barbara Stahl
Brian Staup
Natalie & Ryan Steinert
Judith Stewart
Gail Thomas Strong
Brian Sullivan
Joyce Summers
Dawn & Norman Tabler
Stephen Tarr
Cynthia Taylor
Janet Taylor
Cassandra Thomas
Ed Turissini
Mark Varnau
Randall Veatch
David & Nonie Vonnegut-Gabovitch
Rebecca Watson
Jeff & Bente Weitekamp
Bruce Westphal
Angela Wethington
James Whalen
Shannon Whelan
Stephen Whitlock
Heather Willey
Susan Williams
Stephanie Williams
Cynthia Young
Andrea Yovanavich
Bettina Zaneteas

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