Lindsey Lord

Lindsey Lord, Director of Artist Services and Gallery 924
B.A. in Studio Art and M.A. in Arts Administration

Lindsey leads the coordination and implementation of Artist Services department initiatives, Gallery 924 exhibitions, and the Arts Council's various public art programs and projects.

(317) 631-3301 ext. 214
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Provenance: South Bend, IN > Indianapolis, IN > Bloomington, IN > London, UK > New York, NY > Indianapolis, IN

Current neighborhood: Fishers, IN!

First Job: At 7, I was a self-employed lost golf ball reseller at Sahm Golf Course.

If I weren't an arts administrator, I would be: Somehow working to save the planet. Now I just try to do it in my spare time.

Inspiration: Good, simple design. Lovely things. Tender moments. My partner and my son.

Reading: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Listening to: Lucius and oh, so many podcasts. Loving Beautiful/Anonymous at the moment.

Zen Moment: Any time I'm in the window seat on a plane. Talk about instant perspective on life, our planet, and the important things....

Current Project: Watching the dust settle after our TINY show in Gallery 924! Looking forward to the upcoming year in public art and artist services.

Dream Project: Creating an art space / artist residency program in the barn at my grandparent's farm in northern Indiana.

What artist/musician (living or deceased) would you like to have dinner with and where would you take them? This is beyond hard. I would have to go with a takeaway dinner from Bluebeard in the studios of Norman Rockwell and N.C. Wyeth in the hopes that they would teach me a thing or two about brushwork and the use of color. Sidenote: Rockwell's The Love Song at the IMA should have one of those contemplation benches in front of it.

Love about the Indy arts scene: The pride and investment passionate people are pouring into it.

When you are not out crusading for the arts, where can we find you? At home, trying to make my two-year-old laugh or in my studio, making art.

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