Julie Xiao
Julie Xiao

Julie Xiao

  • Digital Artist
  • Illustration
  • Murals
  • Painting
  • Visual Artist

Julie Xiao, an Indianapolis-based visual artist, whose work delves into the complexities of identity through her distinctive large-scale ink scrolls. With a deep appreciation for her cultural roots and a keen sense of introspection, Xiao’s work combines traditional techniques with modern themes. Xiao received her Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Animation in 2019 from Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana) and a Master of Fine Art in Visual Art in 2023 from the Herron School of Art and Design (Indianapolis, IN).

At the core of Julie’s artistic expression lies her proficient use of ink on expansive paper scrolls. Her choice of medium pays homage to the rich tradition of Chinese ink painting, while it also serves as a dynamic canvas for her contemporary narratives. Each scroll unfurls like a visual journey, guiding viewers through a narrative voyage. Julie’s artistic pursuit is an introspective odyssey, one that seeks to spark intellectual discourse on the multifaceted nature of identity in our interconnected world. Her work transcends geographical boundaries, inviting viewers to embark on their own reflective journeys and encourage conversations about multicultural identity, otherness, and the ever-evolving sense of self.