Koda Witsken
Koda Witsken

Koda Witsken


  • Digital Artist
  • Mixed Media
  • Murals
  • Visual Artist

KODA provides vibrant and positive artistic solutions (murals, sculptures, digital art, fine/gallery art, installations) tailored to meet clients’ business objectives, empowering them with strategic guidance and collaborative partnership to carve out a distinct identity in the market and increase brand value. Previous partners include the NFL, the NBA, Starbucks, Target, Eli Lilly, Jiffy Lube, Harley-Davidson, the NCAA, Riley Hospital for Children, and more. KODA is an Indy native, with dual bases of operations in Indy and Brooklyn, NY.

Koda Witsken


Part artist. Part art consultant.

In a noisy, saturated marketing environment, clients seek artists who can help build their brand authenticity. However, clients can face challenges working with artists in a strategic capacity – communication barriers, misalignment of objectives, and lack of business experience all create project risk. Additionally, integrating artistic perspectives into existing business processes, and measuring their impact, can be challenging.

KODA navigates these challenges with sharp communication, professionalism, and clear goal-setting, ensuring creativity and authenticity are never compromised in the process. KODA helps brands stand out by leveraging art to captivate audiences, reinforce brand values, and drive meaningful engagement.

2020 - 2024

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KODA’s clients (from global brands to sports teams, municipalities, cities, impact and nonprofit groups, and art collectors), receive unique and emotionally compelling creative assets that differentiate their brand. Through strategic partnership, KODA empowers clients to make informed decisions and carve out a distinct identity in the market, ultimately increasing brand value and cultural relevance.

    the NBA, the NFL, the NCAA, NBA All-Star, the MLB, the Olympics
    Starbucks, Target, Harley-Davidson, Eli Lilly, Jiffy Lube
    Riley Children’s Hospital, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Purdue University
    IN Dept of Transportation, Green Bay WI, Corpus Christi TX, Indianapolis IN, ArtsWA, Casper WY
    Eastern Shoshone Tribe & Cultural Center, Oneida Tribe via Big Bear Media


Mission, Purpose, & Core Values

Mission: To drive meaningful engagement through creative excellence

Purpose: To create lasting connections through artistic storytelling

Core Values: KODA’s commitment to honesty and integrity in storytelling is reflected in her art, while her dedication to excellence in craft and business processes underscores her pursuit of quality and professionalism. Additionally, KODA prioritizes boldness, compassion, and social responsibility, infusing her art with vibrancy and fostering a sense of belonging within communities.



Duke University: Visual Art

Purdue University: Entrepreneurship, Honors History, Visual Art

RISD Continued Education: Digital Design

Notables, Awards, & Fellowships

Five Fortune 500 Clients (2021 – 2023)

Visiting Artist Fellowship, Children’s Museum of Indianapolis 2021 – 2022

Permanent Collections:

  • Washington State Arts Commission – WA
  • The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis – IN
  • MLB (repeat collector) – IN
  • NFL (repeat collector) – IN
  • Hamilton County Community Foundation – IN

National Callouts:

  • Starbucks Art Program
  • Jiffy Lube Mural Program
  • Women of Wyoming Mural Project – in partnership with the University of Wyoming and the Eastern Shoshone Cultural Center
  • Oneida Mural Project – in partnership with Green Bay’s Main Street (On Broadway) and Big Bear Media (Oneida)
  • Chicago Mural Project – in partnership with WHIM
  • Dog Park Mural Project – in partnership with Corpus Christi, TX
  • 100th Anniversary Mural – in partnership with Odessa, TX


  • 2022 ICSC Global Design & Development Award Winner – Bottleworks District
  • 2023 Monumental Awards Finalist celebrating excellence in the built environment – as part of the Fieldhouse of the Future Modernization Project with Pacers Sports & Entertainment
  • Art Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee – Nickel Plate Arts, 2023
  • Honored Guest Speaker, Youth Art Awards – Art Education Assn. of Indiana 2023

KODA (she/her) is an accomplished LGBTQ+ artist recognized for collaborations with leading brands like Target and Starbucks, as well as engagements with major sports leagues, municipalities, and indigenous communities throughout the US. Operating from dual hubs in Indianapolis, IN and Brooklyn, NY, Koda’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in a passion for community empowerment. Through captivating murals, interactive projects, and digital initiatives, Koda fosters conversations on civic engagement in the modern era. Guided by the motto “best energies and bright colors,” Koda draws inspiration from nature and community. Her signature style blends post-Impressionist and Fauvist influences, infusing her work with emotional resonance by blending abstract and realism. Koda’s art seeks to celebrate the beauty of life through human connection.

Artist Statement

Koda (she/her) blends the vibrant energy of graffiti with the rich color palettes of post-Impressionism and Fauvism. Drawing inspiration from nature and community, Koda’s work radiates with a palpable sense of life and feeling, inviting viewers into a world of boundless expression. With a background steeped in visual art and entrepreneurship from esteemed institutions like Duke University and Purdue University, Koda brings a unique blend of technical expertise and entrepreneurial acumen to her practice, reflecting a commitment to excellence in both craft and business processes.

Her portfolio resonates across diverse audiences and showcases uplifting art that drives positive change in communities. From projects like the Women of Wyoming Mural Project in partnership with the Eastern Shoshone Cultural Center to collaborations with major brands like Target, Eli Lilly, and the NBA, Koda’s work spans eight states, leaving an indelible mark on the landscapes and venues it inhabits and lending authenticity to the brands with which she partners. Her work is found in prestigious permanent collections, including at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the Washington State Arts Commission Permanent Collection, and in the collections of the NFL and the MLB. Through high-profile clients including five Fortune 500 companies, high visibility branding projects like the Starbucks Art Program and the Jiffy Lube Mural Program, and national recognitions such as the ICSC Global Design & Development Award, Koda continues to solidify her reputation as an artist who merges creativity with strategic brand goals. 

From collaborations with national brands to engagements with 12 major sports brands, her commitment to excellence and cultural representation shines through. With a vibrant legacy of creativity and compassion, Koda’s art leaves a lasting impact wherever it is showcased, inspiring audiences to connect with their communities and embrace the power of expression.

  1. Assistant Director of Championships, NCAA March Madness – “Koda was absolutely fantastic to work with. The NCAA had tight project timelines, and Koda was flexible and committed to getting the project done.  Ultimately, it was the biggest and one of the most impactful murals we’ve done for a Final Four Legacy Project. I would recommend Koda to anyone looking to make an impact in the community through art.”
  2. Indianapolis Colts Events Director, NFL – “Koda is a phenomenal muralist, but an even better person to work with! Her artistic creativity and willingness to adjust were greatly appreciated. The process of working with her has never been an issue, and we have done multiple projects with her. If you are ever looking for a mural, for personal or professional reasons, Koda is your perfect person for the job!”
  3. Director of Public Art, Indianapolis Arts Council – “Koda is super professional and her attention to detail is unbelievable. Not only is she creative and technically skilled, she has a relentlessly positive attitude that makes every project with her a pleasure. The Arts Council has worked with her on several projects–we always know what to expect from her, and Koda delivers every time.”
  4. Owner, Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis – “Koda helped bring my vision to life and hit the design on the nose. I would highly recommend her not only for her artistic abilities, but also for the amazing experience she provides. Exceeded expectations and then some. Plan to work with her again in the future.”