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As artists, you are creative and talented in many ways, but the business of art can be quite a challenge for many who have focused their careers and studies on music, sculpture, or dance! In this searchable directory we pull together professional development resources that will build your entrepreneurial skills and help you develop your art business.

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National Dance Education Organization

The National Dance Education Organization provides the dance artist, educator, and administrator a network of resources and support, a base for advocacy, and access to programs that focus on the importance of dance in the human experience.

NDEO offers the following resources at www.ndeo.org  

  • Conferences and workshops
  • National Honor Society
  • Professional networking
  • Online community
  • Job & internship opportunities
  • Groundbreaking research
  • Informative publications
  • Curriculum and standards
  • Strong advocacy
  • Informed Leadership


Rocket Jump Film School

Rocket Jump Film School is a new venture created by the folks at Rocket Jump to share high quality, useful, and entertaining video tutorials on all aspects of filmmaking including directing, cinematography, editing & post, special effects, and more! Look for a well organized video series on specific topics as well as panel discussions for more in depth focus.

Get started by watching their Introduction Video below: 




National Council on Nonprofits

The National Council on Nonprofits is a valuable resource for small and large non-profit arts groups alike. Their site gathers research and tools necessary for the day to day management of an arts organization. Their resources cover topics such as How to Start a Nonprofit, Ethics and Accountability, Financial Management, Employment and HR, Fundraising, Newsletters, and more.



Visit www.councilofnonprofits.org 


TechSoup.org is a non-profit organization that helps other non-profits and libraries by offering software, hardware, and many technology related items at a discounted non-profit rate. Small non-profit arts organizations may join Techsoup and receive discounts on the technology they need to run their organization on a day to day basis.

The techsoup.org site also offers technical assistance, research, how-to videos, and more!

Visit www.techsoup.org to learn more.

Recording Studios in Indianapolis

Having a high quality recording of your music is critical to getting grants and gigs! Whether you have several albums under your belt or are an emerging musician ready to make a demo, you'll find the list of Indianapolis - based recording studios a great resource for your next project.

Nearly every studio has a musical style they do best so it is imperative that the musician do their homework to find the studio that is best suited to them and their work.  

The Pop Machine Recording Studios 

Aire Born Group | Recording Studios Greater Indianapolis

Music Garage 

The Lodge Recording Studios 

Azmyth Recording Studios

Alliance for Artist Residencies

The Alliance for Artist Residencies is a national organization serving artists and the various artist residency programs around the country. This site is a valuable resource to learn about different opportunities for residencies, but also offers a wide variety of "Tips" for artists who are wanting to learn more about how residences work, how to find the right one for you, how to apply and get them funded!


Career Transitions for Dancers

Career Transitions for Dancers is an organization with offices in New York and Los Angeles, but they serve professional dancers all across the United States. They exisit to help dancers transition into new careers beyond the stage. They offer training, professional development, multiple online resources including a large video library of workshops and panel discussions as well as scholarships and grants. 

Whether dancers want to transition into teaching or starting their own business, Career Transitions offers resources to help navigate these new waters.

Panel disucssions such as this one on creative career options are available on their site under Resources at www.careertransition.org 

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