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Instagram Tips for Artists: Best Practices for Posting

For many artists, Instagram is the social media site where you spend the bulk of your time. It is a visual platform that allows you to post images with captions, stories that disappear after 24 hours, Reels (which are similar to TikToks), longer videos on IGTV, and even livestreams. You can even have a webstore on Instagram. We’ve seen artists conduct sales, performances, and interviews using Instagram. For more of an introduction, check out our social media basics and our coverage of different social media platforms for artists.

Because Instagram is important for many artists and arts organizations, we’re sharing some tips to help you get started with an account or to streamline your current Instagram efforts. It’s important for artists to market yourselves, but you might not know where to start. With this guide to some Instagram best practices, we hope that you’ll be able to develop a successful social media presence that accomplishes what you want it to accomplish while leaving you plenty of time to focus on your real work, which is your art. 


11 Facebook Live Tips for Artists

Artists in all media are turning to live video platforms to continue connecting with their audiences in order to maintain that personal touch that is so vital to supporting their practice. The created artwork is an extension of the artist, and that’s exactly why many people are really following that artist: to be part of their world.

The most accessible and nearly universal platform artists are using is Facebook Live. Doing a Facebook Live video can be very easy, and you don’t need a slick production to pull it off. All you really need is a cell phone and a Facebook account. And while we are all contemplating real clothing or pajamas, hair up or hair down, while we are socially distancing, here are some concrete tips that can help portray your Facebook Live video—and your artwork—in the best light.

Social Media Panel with Visual Artists at Borshoff

Social Media for Artists featuring guest artists Justin Vining, Malory Hodgkin, and Aaron Scamihorn at Borshoff PR and Marketing in Indianapolis. In partnership with the Arts Council of Indianapolis, Borshoff asked artists to talk about what works for them and to share tricks they have learned over the years as they navigate social media to build their unique audience and sell their artwork.

If you are just getting started on social media, check out this Creative Live blog first for some of the basics.



Managing Your Persona on Social Media: Stage 32

Stage 32 founder and CEO, Richard "RB" Botto, shares insight on how he uses social media to review potential actors, crew, and employees. Take time to make sure all of your social media platforms represent you in the best way possible, both personally and professionally because people you want to work with are probably looking!


Starting an E-list of Your Fans/Patrons

Did you know that the engagement rate of e-mails is much better than social media posts? Do you have an e-list of fans and/or patrons? Well, you need to start working on that and Kyle Williams of Seeds of Music can help. This lesson is geared towards musicians, but is equally appropriate for visual artists. 


Social Media for Musicians

Kyle Williams hosts an interview-based web show in which he talks to thousands of musicians and marketing professionals to share best practices and tips for building your fan base. Kyle believes that every musician can make a living making their music.

Get introduced to Kyle here in his video "5 Effective Ways for Musicians to use Social Media to Build Super Fans". From there, sign up to recieve his e-news and watch more helpful videos at 


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