Michael Helsley: Do you remember, the Fish? No, I remember the ice cream.

WEB IMAGE"The Fish: Me! Remember, the Fish? Came home in a baggy, loved me for two weeks, and then *nothing*!" - Dr. Seuss

Helsley is known for his fun, whimsical, graphic characters who often float in the air or cling to a window. The artist uses recycled vinyl from billboards and other found objects to create these often larger-than-life figures. With this installation, Helsley hopes to create an environment where the audience is both viewing and being viewed, turning the floor to ceiling windows of Gallery 924 into a "fish bowl." Making use of the extensive amount of window space at the gallery, the viewer is obligated to observe the installation from both inside and outside. In essence, creating an interactive visual where patrons move in and out of the installation and become a part of the "fish bowl" experience. The installation will trnasform the gallery space into a spectacle, a kind of living, fluid memory.

The show opens during the IDADA First Friday Art Tour on Friday, November 7 and hangs through November 26.
The gallery will be closed November 27 and 28.


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