Martin Kuntz: High Times/Low Life

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M-F 9-5pm and until 6pm on Thursdays

August 4 - 25, 2017

Kuntz is part of a generation of artists who grew up in the Internet age, a generation that from birth has been bombarded with visuals and advertisements. These visuals are rife with meaning, but have become void of consequence due to their overwhelming and pervasive nature in everyday life. Kuntz explores this visual chaos to examine how these images have structured his own values system as well as that of a generation of Americans. He considers this new work through the lens of various social issues including gender roles, masculinity, violence, excessive wealth, and death. The large scale paintings include realistic renderings of some of the most iconic images from his childhood composed in a seemingly disorderly collage style. By utilizing the layering advantages of acrylic, and the saturation and deep modeling potential of oils, this body of work looks to mimic the cacophonous noise of everyday life.


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