December 2013: TINY II

Tiny II will showcase hundreds of original artworks created by more than 80 local artists. Each artwork will be 6”x 6”x 6” or smaller, many for $100 or less. The pieces will move beyond the usual wall space and floor stanchions to occupy all the nooks and crannies of the gallery. Works include paintings, sculptures, drawings, textiles, and more. Some of the work is simply miniature versions of the artist’s standard offerings, but some artists were inspired by the gallery’s layout to create site-specific installations.

Gallery 924 will be closed starting December 24 and will reopen January 2, 2014.


2013 Participating Artists:

Anila Agha, Jeannine Allen*, Kathryn Armstrong*, Doug Arnholter*, Helen Arth, Lesley Baker*, Courtland Blade**, Peggy Breidenbach*, Philip Campbell*, Jordan Cleland, Diane Couch*, Kathy Cunningham, Lauren Anne Davis, Andrew Davis*, Brendon Day, Debra Delbecq, Jamie Dickerson*, Dirk Edwards, Bonnie Fillenworth*, Gloria Fischer, Patrick Flaherty*, DeMaris Gaunt, Nick Gehlhausen, Anita Giddings, Jade Haggard, Keith Hampton*, Evan Hauser*, Michael Helsley*, Gayla Hodson*, Stacey Holloway**, Barbara Hosein*, Kristy Hughes*, Sofiya Inger**, D. Del-Reverda Jennings*, Molly Johnson*, Ben Johnson**, Amber Kalal, Sarah Kasch, David Kleeman, Chris Komakech*, Laura LaForge, Philip Lamie, Emma Landwerlen*, Arcanum Research, Michal Lile**, Rachel Linnemeier, Two-and-Fifty, Topher Aoltodsson, Bianca Mandity*, CJ Martin, Anna Marisa Martinez, Jim May, Aaron Miley*, Warren Miller, Amelia Morris*, Jeremy Musko, Steve Nyktas, Kate Oberreich*, Bernadette Osterozovich, Quincy Owens*, Melissa Parrott Quimby*, Rebekah Pollard, Kyle Ragsdale*, Gautam Rao**, William Denton Ray*, Ash Robinson, Joe Rohrman, Stefani Rossi*, Gavin Rouille*, Kyle Rowe, Gina Sagona*, Gary Schmitt*, Constance Scopelitis*, Steve Smolinski, Brennah Soukup, Jessica Springman*, Bonnie Stahlecker**, Amanda Stirn, Aaron Thornburg*, Colin Tury, Katrina West*, Linda Westfall, Vicky White*, Liz Wierzbicki, Barb Zech* 

*Artists who have been in a Gallery 924 groups show before. **Artists who have had a solo or two person show in Gallery 924.


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