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It is time to join the ART RISING

The arts are an economic driver and a vital catalyst for our cultural advancement. This fall, the Arts Council asks you to stand-up in a show of solidarity for the arts in central Indiana and celebrate the recent uprising of support for the arts in our community. 

According to the Americans for the Arts’ Art and Economic Prosperity 5 study, Indianapolis sees an annual economic impact of over $440 million, supporting over 14,500 full-time jobs, indicating that the arts are a vital part of the local economy. We now find ourselves in a new golden age of the arts in America. Let’s ride this upward momentum until the arts are a part of our shared cultural identity and that every individual in central Indiana can claim that the arts are a meaningful force in their daily lives.  

Rally together with the Arts Council to celebrate the growing support of the arts in central Indiana. Join the Art Rising and be a part of a new golden era of the arts in our community.

How can you show support for the arts? Attend, volunteer, give, and be vocal. These are the pillars of success for the ART RISING

ATTEND an event, show, program, or opening at your favorite arts organization and consider trying something new. Bring a friend or loved one who has not yet discovered the power of the arts. Visit for a calendar of events. 

VOLUNTEER for your favorite organization, the one that has given so much to inspire and enrich you. The gift of your time is invaluable. Find volunteer opportunites at

GIVE a gift, where you can. The arts rely on patrons like you for support. If you can, support your favorite arts organization with a monetary gift. Any amount helps. Looking for an organization to support? Visit to find the organization that speaks to you. 

BE VOCAL about your support for the arts! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your local and state representative, shout it out on social media. Using #IndyArtRising, take to social media and tell the world why you support the arts. Use our social media tool-kit to help motivate the movement and use our advocacy page to equip yourself with valuable data and gain tools to help you advocate to your elected officials for public funding for the arts.

Social Media Toolkit

The only way we will advance the arts in our community is if we are vocal about our support for the arts. Take to social media to declare your support. Use this downloadable social media tool-kit or create your own posts. Don’t forget to use the #IndyArtsRising to show a unified voice.

Be an advocate, know the data


In Indianapolis, the non-profit arts sector has an annual economic impact of $440,530,109.


The arts in Indianapolis support 14,729 full-time equivelant jobs and contribute $361,653,000 in annual houshold income.


The arts in Indianapolis generate $47,733,000 in annual revenue fo Federal and State government.

Visit the indy arts guide for a full list of events

Thank you to our funders

Indiana Arts Commission

This directory is made possible in part by funding from the Willard & Anne Levin Foundation and the Indiana Arts Commission.

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