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January 2021

In partnership with the Indianapolis Airport Authority, the Arts Council of Indianapolis manages the award-winning temporary exhibition program at Indianapolis International Airport. The Arts Council curates rotating installations in closed cases in the main terminal, commissions new work for the video screens above the main escalator/staircase, and operates a long-term loan program for large sculpture outdoors in the North Terminal Garden.

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Megan Jefferson and Kate Nartker
On the White River, 2020

Indianapolis resident Megan Jefferson and her sister, Kate Nartker, are visual artists who have collaborated on this very special video animation celebrating the role of the White River in the development and character of Indianapolis. This is their first joint artistic production.

As a painter, Jefferson celebrates landscape through color and form. As a fiber artist, Nartker is interested in weaving and in deconstructing images that tell stories and encourage exploration. They grew up along the banks of the Maumee River in northwestern Ohio, sharing a love of nature. Jefferson currently lives in Indianapolis near the 362-mile White River, which flows through central and southern Indiana as the main tributary of the Wabash River, and has canoed, kayaked, and fished on it just as she did along the Maumee. 

The video was created first by Jefferson filming the White River in various locations around Indianapolis. Nartker selected stills from the films and turned them into a series of woven pieces. Jefferson then created paintings inspired by the weavings and the colors were overlaid on the stills, which were subsequently assembled by Nartker into a stop-motion animation piece. The result is an overall feeling of serenity, calm, and awe derived from the flow of the river and a glimpse of the wildlife it nourishes.

Water has been viewed by artists through time as both an unchanging constant and a metaphor for change itself. To the artists, water also symbolizes purity and cleansing, and the nature of life as an ongoing journey.

About the Artists

Megan Jefferson owns Jefferson Art Studio in Indianapolis. She received her BFA from Miami University in Painting and moved to Indianapolis from Cincinnati in 2003. Her experience ranges from teaching art to creating paintings in her studio to large-scale mural work. She was recently named an On-Ramp Fellow with the Indiana Arts Commission and is probably best known as one of the co-creators of the Indy Angel Wings mural series. Visit her website to learn more.

Kate Nartker lives in Durham, North Carolina.  She received her B.A. from Ohio State University and her M.F.A. from California College of the Arts, and has taught fiber arts and textile design since 2012, currently as an Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University.  She exhibits her work frequently and has been featured in numerous textile arts publications. She also writes critically about textile art. Visit her website to learn more.


Concourse Vinyl Murals
Indianapolis International Airport

The murals in the airport’s concourse connectors and parking garage, coordinated by the Arts Council in partnership with the Indianapolis Airport Authority, showcase the work of artists based in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. They are elements of larger artworks, selected through a competitive process for the stories they can tell about life in this place and at this time. The murals provide inspiration for travelers, whether they are visitors to the city or are returning central Indiana residents.

Ritch Hanna
Life in the Time of COVID, 2020
Original artwork: encaustic and burned shellac on birch panel
Reproduction located in the Level 3 lobby of the Parking Garage

[Image coming soon]

“This work is abstract like all my paintings. It encompasses my thoughts working from March to September 2020: dealing with feelings of overwhelm, but with splashes of hope and positivity mixed in.”

Ritch Hanna is an Indianapolis-based painter. He first received a degree in theatre arts, then received his B.A. in Art History from the Herron School of Art & Design, IUPUI. Working primarily in encaustic (liquid wax) paints, he is a member of the Stutz Artists Association and exhibits frequently in the Indianapolis area.

Molly Meier
Finding Joy, 2020
Original artwork: acrylic on canvas
Reproduction located in the Concourse B connector

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“Finding Joy represents a visual processing of emotions through painting.  Layering paint and oil pastel and then scraping parts away is symbolic of the emotional work we do every day as humans. Some colors and lines are thinly veiled, while others are bold and bright. The landscape of our emotions is expressed here through the colors playing off of each other, some raw and rugged when we are struggling, while others are filled with energy and vibrancy on our best days.”

Molly Meier is an Indianapolis-based artist who is a  Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Registered Art Therapist, careers which strongly influence her expressionistic style.  Her abstract art is a response to the healing work she does with her clients and helps her to restore her own balance and grounding. Molly has a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art with a focus in Ceramic Sculpture from Illinois State University and a master’s degree in Art Therapy from the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

Kevin James Wilson
Kings of the Castle, 2008
Original artwork: Prismacolor on matte board
Reproduction located in the Concourse A connector



Kings of the Castle was inspired by the men the artist used to see playing checkers in the barber shop as he grew up. It was like a “country club” where Black men could speak their minds about politics. religion, women, America, etc without repercussions. Years later, he noticed that similar men habitually gathered at the White Castle at 38th and Keystone, and to him the restaurant seemed to serve the same function. The composition pays homage to Norman Rockwell, a great influence on the artist’s work.

Kevin James Wilson is a graphic and commercial artist and art teacher who also creates works of fine art. He has taught at International Business College for 22 years, currently holding the position of head of the Graphic Design Department, and also teaches art at community-based arts institutions. Wilson’s specialty is creating works in graphite and colored pencil.

Proposals are currently being sought for indoor installations at Indianapolis International Airport: visit our Artist Opportunities website for more information. 




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