Allison Baker: Fever Dream exhibition at Herron School of Art and Design

Allison Baker: Fever Dream exhibition at Herron School of Art and Design

Aug 19 – Sep 21

Fever Dream pops with color, kitsch, and a come-hither wink, teetering between salivating desire and queasy revulsion. In an expansive exhibition of new works in sculpture, collage, and video, Allison Baker probes how desire functions in a domestic sphere stratified by gender and class. In sculptures rendered in a vivid dollar-store color palette, flaccid silicone foliage and gardening gloves droop over domestic furnishings stripped of their functionality. In the artist’s cut-paper collages, these uncanny objects are displaced in fantastical psychosexual geographies. By transforming the mundane forms of shelves, vases, and rugs into hallucinatory visions of domestic discontent, Baker offers a wry and humorous commentary on the way in which our possessions absorb and manifest anxiety.

Baker, a first-generation college student who earned her M.F.A. at the Rhode Island School of Design, creates work that memorializes the complexities of late-stage capitalism. Her monumental public sculptures illuminate the aspirations and struggles of the American working class and working poor. Through her art, Baker aims to challenge dominant narratives, humanize the ripple effects of poverty, and craft works that the American working class and working poor can see as reflections of their own experiences—representations often missing in gallery and museum spaces.

Baker has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally, including at the CICA Museum, Spartanburg Art Museum, Hashimoto Contemporary, and Franconia Sculpture Park, where her largest public sculpture is currently displayed. She currently serves as Associate Professor of Sculpture at Herron School of Art and Design.

Parking is free in the Sports Complex Garage adjacent to Eskenazi Hall or on levels 5 and 6 of the Riverwalk Garage, courtesy of The Great Frame Up, with validation from the galleries.

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