Cultural Forces @ Indianapolis Artsgarden

Cultural Forces @ Indianapolis Artsgarden

Jun 22

They played music professionally before the war. After fighting in some of the fiercest battles of Russia’s war against Ukraine and recovering from injuries, they get back to playing.

Cultural Forces, the cultural arm of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is bringing five musicians for a tour across the U.S. to thank the American people for their sustained support in helping Ukraine restore its territory and returning peace to Europe.

Performances will include renditions of a wide variety of music, from Ukrainian and world classical pieces to covers of popular hits, including by a master of the traditional Ukrainian string instrument, the bandura. There will be an opportunity for interaction between the audience and the artists.

Owned and operated by the Arts Council of Indianapolis, the Artsgarden is an iconic venue in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. This performance will be inside, and ample seating will be available.

Please click the Learn More link for information on additional Cultural Forces events.

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Cultural Forces @ Indianapolis Artsgarden