First Friday at the Harrison Center

  • Exhibition Opening
  • Harrison Center

First Friday at the Harrison Center

  • Exhibition Opening
  • Harrison Center

Jun 7

6-9 pm

On June 7th, join us for First Friday! Enjoy these openings:

In the Harrison Gallery,
Acceptable Decorations by Quincy Owens. A collection of mixed media works exploring the concept of art and its significance in our lives. Through these pieces, Owens acknowledges that art can be many things to different people. He presents his works as acceptable decorations that can be appreciated for their aesthetic value. By doing so, the artist challenges the traditional notions of art and invites the viewers to reconsider their understanding of it.

In the Gallery Annex,
Flora + Terra by William Denton Ray. While many are familiar with William Denton Ray’s whimsical characters and abstract work, this series takes a new direction by utilizing flowers and nature as a vehicle for the theme, abstracting the pieces to seem foreign or alien to typical nature. This series utilizes multiple layers of paint, fluid line work, and bold color in a mixed media format.

In the City Gallery,
Take Out by Lindsey Lord. Using materials often received when enjoying the modern conveniences we experience on a daily basis, Lord hopes to shed light on the endangered flora of Indiana, which is gradually losing its natural habitat due to our unsustainable practices. By repurposing the materials that we use without much thought, she hopes to encourage us to take responsibility for our actions and create a more sustainable future for ourselves and the environment.

In the Speck Gallery,
Summertime by Faith Blackwell. A vibrant celebration of summer delights featuring the playful imagery of watermelon and vanilla ice cream. This artwork aims to reclaim and honor these two iconic symbols, once used as derogatory caricatures of black people in American history. Through its poppy aesthetic, this collection invites viewers to embrace the season’s joy and beauty while acknowledging and challenging the harmful stereotypes attached to these beloved treats.

Hank & Dolly’s Gallery,
Arch Ways of Support by Crystal Vicars. An exhibition that showcases the beauty of nature and life through the use of oil-on-paper collage. Each piece in the collection features a textured surface that takes the viewer on a colorful journey through layers of ephemeral imagery. Inspired by the transitory nature of existence, this body of work invites the audience to explore the archways of support within nature and the world around us.

In the Underground Gallery,
Studio Notations by Harriet Watson. A collection of acrylic and mixed-media artwork showcasing Watson’s experimentation with abstract expressionism. Through her work, she aims to create a “record” of the marks and brush strokes made during this phase of her artistic journey. Also incorporated are recycled materials, reflecting her values of resourcefulness and reuse.

All shows will open at 6 pm on Friday, June 7th. 

In-person gallery tours will open for visitors Monday-Friday from 9 am – 5 pm. Online galleries will open on June 8th. Make an appointment or view the online galleries at

Special Senior Hours are every Friday from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. No appointment is needed.

With support from Indy Arts Council, City of Indianapolis, Indiana Arts Commission, Christel DeHaan Family Foundation, and Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation.

About the Harrison Center
The Harrison Center is a community-based, nonprofit arts organization that seeks to be a catalyst for renewal in the city of Indianapolis. Founded in 2001, the organization’s work is two-fold. The Harrison Center is for the Arts by hosting 40 artists’ studios and 8 galleries. It provides programming to foster the creation of new art, build community among artists and emerging patrons, and provide a forum for public conversation. The Harrison Center is for the City by connecting people to culture, community, and place to strengthen Indianapolis’s core neighborhoods. For more information on the Harrison Center, call 317.396.3886 or visit Connect with the Harrison Center on social media at Facebook/@HarrisonCenterArts, Instagram/@harrisoncenterarts, or Twitter/@HarrisonCtrArts.

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