Fishers Make-Off at Ignite Studio

Fishers Make-Off at Ignite Studio

May 4

Showcasing the variety of wonderful, artful things a person can create in our makerspace, Ignite Studio hosts its first annual Make-Off. Selected artists will compete for monetary prizes to make an original piece of art related to Ignite equipment, kits or other in-house materials. Artists are challenged to highlight the creative possibilities involved in making and will be given up to six hours to complete their masterpiece.

Non-participants will be able to watch the artistic process at work, participate in hands-on activities, and watch equipment demonstrations. This year’s theme is sustainable art.

Read on for learn more about our call for artists, Fishers Make-Off 2024.

CALL FOR ARTISTS Fishers Make-Off 2024      CALL  ENDS Apr. 10th

Artists will spend the day in the Ignite Studio creating a work of art from on May 4 from 9 00 to 3 pm.

Prizes to be awarded

1st $1500
2nd $750
3rd $500


9 00 Competition begins
11 30-1 30 Boxed lunches provided for artists
3 00 Competition ends
3 00-3 30 Judging
3 30 Awards

Entry  Interested visual artists should submit an application. Entrants must be 16 or older. 10 artists will be chosen to compete and assigned an area in the space.

Materials  Materials must relate to an Ignite kit, equipment or other art making materials in the space. Artists may request to use small tools and equipment such as our printing press, silkscreens, sewing machines, cinch machine, etc., but the main materials should be supplied by the artist.

Subject  The work must relate to the theme of sustainability. The work must be appropriate for public presentation in a family-friendly space.

Theme  Sustainable art

Sustainable art involves awareness of environmental issues, such as the materials artists use to create their works, reducing waste, and adopting practices that can reduce the impact of their work on the environment.

Materials to consider  

Reclaimed wood, paper, fabric, cardboard, magazines
Eco-friendly paints, inks, dyes
Recycled metal
Biodegradable and plant-based plastic alternatives
Organic textiles like cotton, hemp, linen, wool
Natural and discarded objects
Reusing and retaining some original elements in a ‘found’ canvas

Competition Guidelines

No prior work is allowed. Work must be completed between 9-3pm.
2-Dimensional work includes painting, drawing, photography, printmaking and most textiles, pyrography
3-Dimensional work includes assemblage, sculptures, weaving, jewelry, knitting, book binding, needle felting

Judging  Winners will be selected by a panel including past and current Makers-in-Residence.

Display  All work will be on display from May 6th to June 15th
Contact Kris Hurst, Arts Engagement Coordinator, with questions.

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