Haley Reinhart

Haley Reinhart

Jun 28

June 28 @ 8:00 PM
The Krannert Room, Clowes Memorial Hall
4602 Sunset Ave, Indianapolis IN

A timeless voice outlasts eras. It feels just as at home in the sixties as it does in the TikTok age. It also resounds louder as time goes on. Haley Reinhart brandishes such a voice. The expansive scope of her range comes into full focus on her 4th album, Lo-Fi Soul. In many ways, Haley began working towards this album and her artistry as a child. Mom and dad share a “Midnight Band,” and unsurprisingly, their daughter would sing before she could talk. She spent countless hours engaged in rhyming games with her mother or locked into a call-and-response as a baby with her father.

In 2024, Haley has taken her career to another level. After spending the first half of the year writing and recording a new album, Haley will embark on her headline tour, which will run from May to November 2024. The show is just beginning

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