Tintype Portrait Day

Tintype Portrait Day

Jul 27

Indianapolis photographer Dale Bernstein has been working with the wet plate collodion process since the 1990s, and his comfort level shows in the gorgeous tintype portraits that have become his hallmark.

Wet plate collodion dates from the earliest days of photography in the mid-1800s. Back in the day, chemistry and materials were not very sensitive, and so subjects having their tintype portrait made had to sit absolutely still for several seconds in order to get a good, sharp exposure. This is why people didn’t smile in pictures from that era — it was too hard to hold a smile still that long.

In his work, Dale combines wet plate collodion chemistry with modern flash lighting, making the exposure time of his tintypes within the realm of possibility for children and smiles! After making the exposure, Dale will walk you through processing the plate so that you can experience the process.

We’re excited to host this local legend at Aurora. To schedule a session on Tintype Portrait Day at Aurora PhotoCenter, make an appointment directly with Dale by messaging him on Instagram @dab_photography, or email dalebernstein@gmail.com.

Your appointment will last approximately 15 minutes. Price per person includes one exposure on a 5 x 7 plate. After curing and varnishing, you will pick up your finished tintype at Aurora PhotoCenter on August 3 from 11-5pm or by appointment.

Aurora PhotoCenter
1125 East Brookside Avenue, C9
Indianapolis, IN, 46202

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