Keith J. Hampton: Automaticae

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October 6-27, 2017

Gallery Hours:  M-F 1-5 or by appointment. To make an appointment, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Exploring the gray area between consciousness and subconsciousness, Keith Hampton re-interprets the early 20th century practice of automatic drawing and adapts it to his flowing, organic, yet highly refined and controlled new work which he refers to as Automaticae. The work encompasses the artist’s own desire to explore a semi-conscious state while necessarily existing in a mindful wakefulness. The results offer layered intersections of lines, spacial relationships, and upended palettes that reference their automatic drawing roots, but finish somewhere much more direct and polished. Hampton utilized this process to create new work in the form of drawings, paintings, small ceramic sculpture, and large-scale installation to create an all encompassing new body of work.

For a look into the artist's process take a look at this video made by the artist. Learn more about Keith J. Hampton at his website

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Hampton 2
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Gathering: Contemporary Glass from the Heartland

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Contemporary Glass from the Heartland

September 1-16

In addition to normal gallery hours, Gallery 924 will be open on
Saturday, September 16, 10 - 2 pm

Gallery 924 is proud to once again host the annual Indiana Glass Arts Alliance juried exhibition to recognize some of the best glass artists working in the Midwest. The goal of the exhibition is to enhance the development and recognition of Indiana’s glass artists and to increase awareness of glass as a fine art medium. The show includes a diverse selection of glass artwork including traditional vessels to more contemporary sculptural forms from artists all over the Midwest.

Gallery 924 at the Arts Council of Indianapolis provides a mixture of programming that highlights central Indiana contemporary artists in curated solo and group shows. Gallery 924 is a member of IDADA.


Martin Kuntz: High Times/Low Life

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M-F 9-5pm and until 6pm on Thursdays

August 4 - 25, 2017

Kuntz is part of a generation of artists who grew up in the Internet age, a generation that from birth has been bombarded with visuals and advertisements. These visuals are rife with meaning, but have become void of consequence due to their overwhelming and pervasive nature in everyday life. Kuntz explores this visual chaos to examine how these images have structured his own values system as well as that of a generation of Americans. He considers this new work through the lens of various social issues including gender roles, masculinity, violence, excessive wealth, and death. The large scale paintings include realistic renderings of some of the most iconic images from his childhood composed in a seemingly disorderly collage style. By utilizing the layering advantages of acrylic, and the saturation and deep modeling potential of oils, this body of work looks to mimic the cacophonous noise of everyday life.


Robert D. Beckmann, Jr. Emerging Artist Fellowship 10 Year Retrospective

June July 2017 Beckmann Postcard LL UPDATE | M-F 9-5pm and until 6pm on Thursdays

This show has been extended through Friday, July 28!

The Arts Council of Indianapolis and Gallery 924 celebrate ten years of Robert D. Beckmann, Jr. Emerging Artist Fellows with a multi-disciplinary retrospective featuring the work of former and current fellows.

The exhibition will feature the work of Emily Budd (sculptor), Derrick Carter (painter), Kathryn Barnes Dart (painter), Kyle Herrington (painter), Cindy Hinant (installation & video artist), Diane Lewis (poet), Amelia Morris (photographer), Kassim Norris (filmmaker), Kate Oberreich (painter), Ash Robinson (public artist), Eric Salazar (musician), and Jessica Ucul (photographer).

Robert D. Beckmann, Jr. was a founding board member of the Arts Council of Indianapolis in 1987. He was an active arts advocate, patron, a performing and visual artist, as well as a community leader. Upon his death in 2001, he bequeathed funds to the Arts Council for the creation of a fellowship program to support emerging artists of all disciplines in central Indiana. It is through the lasting generosity of Robert D. Beckmann, Jr. that we offer this fellowship opportunity to emerging artists throughout central Indiana. Within the last 10 years the Arts Council has awarded Beckmann fellowships to musicians, dancers, theatre directors and lighting designers, painters, sculptors, installation artists, and poets.

Susan Brewer: Impromptu Explorations


May 5 - 26, 2017 | M-F 9-5pm and until 6pm on Thursdays

Gallery 924 presents the latest series of mixed media abstractions from Creative Renewal Arts Fellow and longtime Stutz Artist Resident, Susan Brewer. Her work is inspired by dreams and meditation. The large canvases employ bold color, texture, and suggested forms to evoke images that explore one's relationship to the environment, to others, and oneself. Brewer's work begins with a gesture of graphite on paper or a wash of paint on canvas. She then intuitively follows her innate impluse to explore the material and capture its essence in the form of energy.  

This new work is the result of her 2015-2016 Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship awared by the Arts Council of Indianapolis. This pivotal experience brought on by the Fellowship period resulted in a time of relection and renewed motivation. The Fellowship not only allowed her more time and space to explore large-scale canvases, but also smaller works on paper, and to return to her early career in ceramics. 

Lobyn Hamilton: New Work

April 7-28, 2017 - M-F 9-5pm and until 6pm on Thursdays

Gallery 924 presents the latest series of mixed media figurative work by recent Creative Renewal Arts Fellow, Lobyn Hamilton. In this exhibition, the viewer will be surrounded by new work on Plexiglass with themes relating to religion, music, the black church experience, and social commentary connecting both past and present. Iconic imagery in this show will be minimized as Hamilton continues to explore original narratives and themes which put more emphasis on the vinyl record as a medium. Multiple source materials will be presented in his new work including Black Panther Newspapers, D.W. Griffith's Birth of Nation on 8mm film, Rolling Stone Magazines, VHS tapes, and The Bible

Emily Stergar: Stack

March 2017 Stergar Postcard

Opening Reception: March 3
During the IDADA First Friday Art Tour

This March, Gallery 924 is pleased to present Emily Stergar’s Stack: A Layering of Elements. In her Gallery 924 exhibition, each individual sculpture will incorporate materials natural to our environment, such as wood or stone, as well as those fabricated by man, like Styrofoam and concrete. Each part is stacked or layered upon the next utilizing gravity alone.
Emily Stergar draws attention to change in our shared landscape. Her work alters the land beyond its original state, exploring our need to transform it and question what can and should exist. The stacks of each sculpture are an organization of disparate materials and objects turned into an understandable and orderly pile. The sculptural piles reference the layering of earth’s crust, as well as the materials obtained from it, whether found, natural, or man-made. These materials are the elements palpably seen and unseen in the spaces of earth we occupy. Stergar sees the physical and conceptual balancing of these components as a way to create a sense of grounding for her and the viewer.Sterger is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Herron School of Art and Design. She received her BFA in Sculpture at Herron School of Art and Design, and MFA in Sculpture from Arizona State University, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

The artist will donate 50% of each artwork's sale price to the National Parks Foundation.

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