William Denton Ray: Shapeshifting

September 4 - 25, 2015

wdr glasseen 20x20Ray is well-known for his whimsical characters painted in bold, sometimes garish colors on everything from beer bottles to cardboard boxes and wood panels. In his new work, Ray has taken his recognizable characters and elevated them to another level through abstraction and a more subdued and neutral color palette. He has deconstructed the faces and reconstructed them into forms and shapes that have a decidedly more refined feel. He describes Shapeshifting as his new process of simplifying and abstracting his quintessential characters to the point of pareidolia - a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern where none actually exists. Through this new work, he hopes to explore this transformation by which his familiar characters take on new life.

Learn more about William Denton Ray in Gallery 924's Studio Series.

Jerome Neal: Circle City 360°

August 7 - 28, 2015

Landing Page NealA Chicago native, Neal moved to Indianapolis in 1994 and has been painting the city ever since. His work relates to the iconic cityscapes of the early 20th century, showing the bright lights of downtown glistening with newness and alive with energy as cars hiss by pedestrians walking this way and that. His work often uses multiple vantage points to create an almost collage-like scene. You may see neighborhoods and landmarks that are not necessarily geographically connected, but work together to build the vibrancy of the heart of the city in each piece. It could be said that his subject matter is the personification of the city itself. Neal's work can be seen in many annual shows and exhibitions and is included in the permanent collection of the Indiana State Museum.

The Water Show: A Group Show

June 5 - July 10, 2015

Emily WaterIn June, Gallery 924 presents a group exhibition focusing on an exploration of water. In our own country, fear of water scarcity is growing, but have we changed the way we view water? As a culture, how do we think of water? How do artists use water in their work? And will those perceptions change in the next two decades? Join us this summer as we explore water through the painting, photography, sculpture, multimedia, clay, and wool interpretations of 23 central Indiana artists.

“The idea for this show came from a digital photograph on aluminum that William A. Rasdell presented for our annual February Art & Soul exhibition in the Indianapolis Artsgarden. The bold image shows a man walking across a river holding multiple travel cases as if he is traveling a long distance through water, across the desert, and beyond. This image inspired The Water Show. The idea of water playing a critical role in the lives of human beings, no matter what time period seemed worthy of exploration,” said Shannon Linker, Vice President of the Arts Council and Director of Gallery 924.

A once abundant element, water may soon become more of a luxury item in our lives as it has become in other parts of the world. According to the United Nations, by 2025 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the world’s population could be under stress conditions.

“With this show, we allowed the artists to steer the ship, if you will, and what we received were very subtle, contemplative reminders of the role of water in our lives,“ said Linker.

Did you miss the opening reception? See what you missed here!

Participating Artists:
Mike Allee
Courtland Blade
Philip Campbell *
Kristy Childress
Luke Crawley & Quincy Owens *
Mark Curry
Tom Hubbard
Ben Johnson *
Paul Johnson
Carla Knopp
Laura Levine
Andres Marcial
Kate Oberreich **
Genna Pianki
Gautam Rao
William A. Rasdell *
William Denton Ray
Gary Schmitt *
Emily Schwank
Jessica Springman
Susan Tennant*
Jack Wickes
*Arts Council of Indianapolis Creative Renewal Arts Fellows
** Arts Council of Indianapolis Robert D. Beckmann, Jr. Emerging Artist Fellow 

Lois Main Templeton: It's the Way They Mingle

MAY 1 - 30, 2015

Listen to Lois and fellow artist and former studio-mate, Phil O'Malley talk to Travis DiNicola on WFYI's Art of the Matter broadcast.

All to the Good 45x34 oil on canvasLois Main Templeton is an iconic figure in the Indianapolis visual arts community with decades of artwork, exhibitions, and collaborations in our city. Her expressive painting style which often incorporates text and gestural black lines has set her apart and made her one of the most revered and beloved contemporary painters of our era. Fortunately, Lois is also one of the most prolific painters as she works daily in either her downtown Indianapolis studio or in her Maine studio, as she shares time in both states. It is not unusual for her to work on five paintings at once and complete one per day.

Lois has artwork in the permanent collections of the Indiana State Museum and the Midwest Museum of American Art. Her work has twice been exhibited at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., and she has published two books, The Studio Book: Fidning Your Way and the collaborative project Who Makes the Sun Rise?, a book for children.

Learn more by visiting loismaintempleton.com

Hillary Erin Russell: becoming

APRIL 3 - 24, 2015
Russell uses text, video, audio, sculpture, and photography to explore issues of trust. She is interested in what we as a society have come to trust; what we believes deserves to be given our confidence and what we deem to be inherently untrustworthy. In her current work, pornography is used as a basis for this exploration. The artist holds that because pornography reveals its intention up front, she can trust pornography more than other forms of film (e.g. romantic comedies). Because pornography does not attempt to pretend to be realistic or a truth, Russell is able to juxtapose personal and romantic symbols with the pornographic images creating an interesting and unexpected visual relationship. She folds the sincere into the manufactured – fusing her imagery with audio and video appropriated from pornography giving each piece of art a unique duality. 

For more information on Hillary and her work, visit hillaryerinrussell.com

Please note that the audio and video excerpts for this show contain adult situations.

Jonathan McAfee: Classical Waste

MARCH 6 - 27
McAfee is known for his colorful, gestural portraits of cultural icons including everyone from Indianapolis legend Kurt Vonnegut to rap icon Biggie Smalls. His interest in the development of portraiture through the centuries drives his desire to examine this topic further. 
His current work explores a new interest relating to cultural icons, but it is one of mass production and mass appeal. All of the subjects for this show are taken from clothing giant American Apparel's ads and models – they are sexy and seductive, young, playful, and oftentimes ridiculous. American Apparel models are not your typical strong men with bulging muscles and brooding eyes or women that fit a specific supermodel vision. Rather, they are disheveled and emotionless; beautiful​ and real. 

McAfee examines this shift in cultural norms that present themselves in portraiture – whether they are from an official royal portrait from the Renaissance or a 21st century anti-heroic jeans ad. As a student of historic portraits, the artist wishes to consider what defines contemporary perceptions of masculinity and femininity today versus what it looked like in centuries past.
NEW!!! Explore Jonathan's process with in studio interviews and videos at our new Indy Arts Studio Series.
Learn more at jonathanmcafee.com >>
Follow him on Twitter @Jonathan_McAfee
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unnamed-1 copyFor the third year in a row, Gallery 924 presents hundreds of TINY artworks from central Indiana artists for our big holiday show, TINY III. This is your annual opportunity to start small with a new art collection or help others start collecting with a truly unique holiday gift. This year's show includes more than 300 unique pieces of original art from 89 central Indiana artists.

Holiday Hours: The gallery is open through noon on Tuesday, December 23 and will reopen after the holidays on Monday, January 5. The gallery will be closed for the January IDADA First Friday Art Tour.

If you purchased artwork from TINY III as holiday gifts, patrons may pick up the artwork at the Gallery on Thurday or Friday, December 18 or 19 or Monday, December 22 from 8:30am - 5pm each day. 

NEW!! To learn move about our artists, visit PiggyBack App to watch videos, hear artist statements, and see images of new work not in the show. And, Like us on Facebook to get updates about this and all our shows as well as see photos from all our events.

TINY III features 89 central Indiana artists with over 300 pieces of original art, and includes all media, all styles, all 6" x 6" x 6" or smaller.

(images: Above, Barbara Stahl, right, Courtland Blade)

Participating artists:
Anila Quayyum Agha
Jeannine Allen

Teri Barnett

Josh Betsy
Courtland Blade
Peggy Breidenbach
Jody Bruns
Lydia Burris
Shawn Causey
Caleb Chastain
Jordan Cleland
Luke Crawly
Erica Cunningham
Mark Daniell
Andrew Davis
Hector Del Campo
D. DelReverda Jennings
Bonnie Fillenworth
Gloria Fischer
Maureen Forman
Katherine Garrity
Todd Gingerich
Daniel Hall
Josh Haines
Ritch Hanna
Melissa Hauger
Michael Helsley
Joy Hernandez
Kyle Herrington
Gayla Hodson
Christina Hollering
Barbara Horlander
Barbara Hosein
Kristy Hughes
Kris Hurst
Kandi Jamieson
Benjamin Johnson
Amber Kalal
David Kleeman
Deborah Kolp
Kris Komakech
Nancy Lee
Mary Lessing
Laura Levine
Rachel Linnemeier
Bianca Mandity
C.J. Martin
Nicole Mayes
Lynn Medsker
Thea Meussling
Warren Miller
Jack Monninger
Katrina Murray
Jeremy Musko
Steve Nyktas
Kate Oberreich
Jude Odell
Phil O'Malley
Quincy Owens
Steven Paddack
Kyle Ragsdale
Gautam Rao
William DentonRay
Ashley Richardson
Gina Sagona
Gary Schmitt
Sheila Sellinger
John Sherman
Breenah Soukup
Jessica Springman
Barbara Stahl
Eric Stine
Dorothy Stites Alig
Aaron Thornburg
Patrick Walter
Whitten Watson
Linda Westfall
Tori Weyers
Vicky Shaffer White
Robert Woolley
Barbara Zech
Lauren Zoll


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