Visit, a crowdfunding initiative from the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

Interested in learning more about building a power2give fundraising project for your nonprofit? Click here for a detailed overview.

Each day, patrons of the Arts in Indianapolis are joining with other patrons to fund projects sponsored by both local arts organizations and other nonprofit organizations in central Indiana. The Arts Council of Indianapolis recognizes the importance of diverse forms of financial support to sustain a wide variety of artistic disciplines and expressions, and this is one more tool in the funding mix. Since 2012, the Arts Council of Indianapolis has raised more than $230,000 for local art projects through power2give. These funds have come from 33 counties and 34 states to provide quality arts programming and educational opportunities.

The power2give program is a free service to qualifying nonprofit organizations. If you are a member of a nonprofit organization located in central Indiana that has an exciting arts-related project or program that you would like to have funded through power2give, please start by joining us for a New Fundraiser’s Orientation! 

For more information, please contact Taylor Fengya at (317) 631-3301, ext 219 or

2016 Timeline
  New Fundraiser’s Orientation: Last Thursday of each month at 2 pm (RSVP required)
  Application deadline: No deadline – new projects reviewed weekly
  Campaign award payment: 30-days following campaign completion