Marilyn Rose Center Seeks Artists for “Melodic Emotions” Exhibition

Deadline: 06/20/2024

The Marilyn Rose Center invites artists to embark on a captivating journey where emotions and music
converge in our upcoming exhibition, “Melodic Emotions”. This unique showcase seeks to capture the
profound impact of music on our emotional landscape and invites artists to visually interpret the
feelings sparked by their favorite tunes.

Event Details:
– Theme: Melodic Emotions – An Exhibition Inspired by Music
– Venue: The Marilyn Rose Center
– Exhibition Dates: Month of July
– Submission Deadline: June 20, 2024
– Opening Reception: July 5, 2024
– Mediums: Open to all visual arts – painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, sculpture, and more.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Create artwork that reflects the emotional journey inspired by a particular song of any genre or
musical experience. Let the melodies guide your brushstrokes and shape your visual narrative.

2. Submit one of your best Melodic Emotions-inspired artwork to Include high-
quality image, dimension, and name of song.

3. All artists, regardless of experience level, are encouraged to participate.

4. Artwork must be ready for display with appropriate hanging hardware or display instructions.

5. Selected artists will be notified by June 21, 2024.

Exhibition Highlights:

– An emotional exploration through diverse artistic interpretations of music.

– Opening reception featuring a curated playlist of the songs that inspired the exhibited artworks.

– Connect with fellow artists and visitors who share a passion for the emotive power of music.

Let the Music Guide Your Brush:
“Melodic Emotions” invites you to translate the soul-stirring power of music into a visual language.
Whether it’s the nostalgia of a classic ballad, the energy of a lively beat, or the serenity of a melodic
composition, express the emotions that music ignites within you.

For submission and inquiries, contact

Join us in celebrating the symbiotic relationship between art and music in & “Melodic Emotions”. Your
artwork has the potential to strike a chord and resonate with the hearts of those who share in the
universal language of emotion through music.

Let your creativity harmonize with the melodies that move your soul!