DEMO – Western Australia’s New Museum Seeks to Commission Public Art

Western Australia is embarking on one of the most significant museum redevelopments in the world at this time. The New Museum is scheduled to open in 2020. It will be a place where people can explore their identity, culture, environment and sense of place. It will be inclusive and inspirational, allowing people to share their stories physically and virtually.

It is envisaged that the public artwork will play a significant role in defining what will make the New Museum unique and memorable. The inspiration for the artwork will be the history, distinctiveness, creativity and diversity of Western Australia; its unique and diverse Aboriginal heritage and living cultures and its relationship to the Indian Ocean region. Artists will be active participants in the creation of the identity and visitor experience for the New Museum.

The project has the potential for artists and artist teams to work alongside architects, designers, curators, diverse cultural groups and the wider community. The artwork will need to resonate with the values and mission of the Western Australian Museum, while maintaining a clear artistic vision.

The value of the commission is $AUS 1,600,000 (about $US 1,150,000)

Download full project information and application instructions here.