Open Call: Passing Glows

Deadline: 08/18/2024

Warimono invites artists to submit their works for our inaugural exhibition, Passing Glows. This exhibition celebrates the transient moments that illuminate our lives. The exhibition will run on our website from September 1 to 30, 2024. Deadline: August 18. No fee to apply.

We seek artworks that explore fleeting moments, capturing the essence of brief, illuminating experiences or the temporary yet impactful moments that shape our existence. This theme is open to various interpretations, and we encourage artists to reflect on how this theme aligns with their ongoing practice. Passing Glows aims to highlight those ephemeral flashes of creativity and inspiration that define the artistic journey. Whether it’s the brief spark of an idea, a moment of clarity, or a transient experience that leaves a lasting impact, we want to see how artists translate these moments into their work.

It’s up to the individual submitting to decide if and how the title aligns with their ongoing practice. We welcome diverse perspectives and encourage artists from all backgrounds and stages of their careers to participate.

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