Phoenix Theatre Seeks Sketches, Short Scenes, and Songs for A Very Phoenix Xmas 16

Deadline: 06/01/2024

The Phoenix Theatre is requesting submissions of sketches, short scenes and songs for its 2024 holiday production of A Very Phoenix Xmas 16: (Insert Witty Title Here)! We are asking for your funniest bits, hottest takes and skewed satirical viewpoints related to the holiday season! This year’s theme will be Holiday Movies! We’re asking all sketches to draw inspiration from the characters, plots, titles and tropes from the endless array of films related to the holidays. Submissions are due June 1!


Submission requirements:

  • Scripts between 1-8 pages
  • Maximum of five characters
  • Keep specific character traits to a minimum (i.e, “MUST be bi-lingual for this bit to work”)
  • If submitting a song, please send lyrics and a short voice memo

All submissions will be reviewed and curated by Constance Macy and Claire Wilcher who will be directing the production and creating additional material. Should your piece be chosen, you may be asked to edit or incorporate feedback, based on the needs of the production, and you will receive a $400 stipend.

Direct questions to Constance Macy, Christel DeHaan Artistic Director at