Quotidian Vol IV: Appearances, Print Magazine

Deadline: 06/15/2024

Quotidian magazine is seeking submissions of art, fiction, non-fiction and poetry that responds to this issue’s theme of appearances in everyday life. This theme brings up concepts including tension, facades, feelings of ambivalence, different points of view, authenticity, secrets, support systems or structures, presentation, self promotion, potential, personas, decoration, hidden disabilities, sincerity and simple pleasures.

Quotidian is a multi-volume series of creative responses to different prompts, all falling under the eponymous category of the quotidian. Its goal is to highlight repetitive, essential tasks, hard work that goes unnoticed, and the way these most basic acts connect and humble us, including objects and places that result from and are affected by these processes and how they surprise us with the unexpected depth of their meanings. Curated and designed in Indianapolis, it accepts submissions from all over the world and is sold in stores across the country. Selected contributors will receive an honorarium.

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