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Religion, Spirituality, and the Arts Program Seeks Applicants

Deadline: 07/01/2024

Religion, Spirituality, and the Arts (RSA) is a program of Herron School of Art +Design that brings together artists, religious leaders, religious communities, humanities experts, and a broad range of publics from diverse backgrounds and disciplinary perspectives for sustained study, analysis, and discussion of religious texts in a classroom environment. These textual discussions will explore the varieties of religious experience and understanding and provide the inspiration for creating new artistic works (e.g. music, poetry, fiction, drama, visual art, dance).

After the seminar portion of the program, artists share their creations through exhibitions and presentations to members of the Central Indiana community, including religious organizations, congregations, schools, libraries, and community groups.

2024-25 Theme: Who am I, to answer the call?

When Moses goes to investigate a burning bush in Exodus 3, he hardly expects to encounter the divine, let alone have a conversation with God. He’s not sure that he is the right person or that he wants this responsibility to lead his community, but he accepts it. As the famous spiritual Go Down Moses hints, fate calls many of us to do the extraordinary. Who am I that I should go? Artists in the 2024-2025 Religion, Spirituality, and the Arts program will explore traditions around Exodus 3 and Go Down Moses and respond with their own works of creative debate.

Who can apply?

Applicants may be anyone in the community who is active in the artistic disciplines, including but not limited to visual arts, sculpture, poetry, music, performance, and digital art.

Selected applicants must be able to make a commitment to attend all seminar sessions and engage in open and respectful dialogue.

Seminar participants will produce creative work to be performed and/or exhibited in a public forum. Seminar participants who attend all sessions and contribute as well as contribute art to the group exhibition will receive a $500 stipend at the conclusion of the program.

What are the application requirements?

All interested applicants should prepare the following:

1. Artists Resume

2. Letter of Application

Artist resumes should include information about the applicant’s work as an artist, including education, gallery and exhibition experience, links to a professional website (if applicable), and links or attachments to at least three (3) representative works of art.

Letters of application should include a personal statement of the applicant’s primary field of artistic production, a statement of interest in the program, and how the applicant’s work and interests would benefit their professional development. For best consideration, applicants should also explore the following questions: How do you see your art form interacting with a religious text? How do you imagine this experience will impact your creative work?

What is the application deadline and how do I apply?

The deadline to apply is July 1, 2024.

Applicants should email the two required documents (Microsoft Word or PDF format) to no later than July 1.

Applications will be accepted from May 3 through July 1, 2024.

When will I find out if I’m accepted into the seminar?

Faculty review of applications will begin on July 1, 2024, and all participants will be informed of acceptance status no later than August 15, 2024.

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