DEMO – Barbara Triscari

Barbara Triscari was born in Ohio but spent most of her childhood in Fort Wayne, Indiana.¬† Her mother, Tina Mc Cann, was a formative example in Barbara‚Äôs artistic development with her fearlessness when approaching a project.¬† Tina continues to be an inspiration as an artist and mother both mother and daughter are now fiber artists and Barbara’s daughter is beginning to learn about textile arts so that the three may collaborate.¬† Barbara‚Äôs father, Bill Mc Cann, was an inspiration as a photographer and parent.¬† Barbara was enamored with photography from a young age and was often with her camera.¬† The arts were fostered throughout the family.

While Barbara studied math in college, she found her love of the arts after marrying a military man and embarked on a US Army family experience with him and raising their three girls along the way.  When the family moved to Alaska and then on to Italy, her photography and art quilting became her focus after her children.  Upon her husband’s retirement from service, the family moved back to Indiana.  She now resides in the country near Indianapolis where she has focused her attentions on fiber art.