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Welcome Race Fans

The greatest spectacle in racing meets the greatest art in racing. Each spring, central Indiana artists create colorful art to capture the excitement of the “month of May.” The artworks are turned into banners, billboards and posters–and the original pieces take a lap around the city. 

Welcome Race Fans became a #ThisIsMay tradition in 2016 to celebrate the 100th running of the Indy 500. That year, 33 artists–reflecting the number of cars that raced–created original artworks. Nearly 70 artists since have made iconic artworks using everything from dyed fabric to salvaged car parts.

This program is a collaboration between the Indy Arts Council and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to connect visual art and artists to the historic race.

See the Art

Welcome Race Fans

Artwork locations

Look for the artwork on Main Street in Speedway, the Indianapolis International Airport, Indianapolis Artsgarden, The Amp at 16 Tech and Clay Terrace Mall, among other locations. Snap a photo and share it on your social media pages with #WelcomeRaceFans to help welcome fans to Indy.

Poster pickup locations

Free posters featuring the 2024 Welcome Race Fans artwork can be picked up at the following locations. Collect all five while supplies last!

  • Indianapolis Artsgarden
  • Indianapolis International Airport (guest services desk)
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway Administration Building
Purchase the artwork

Collect a rare piece of racing history. And do it fast–because Welcome Race Fans original artworks sell quickly.

Our staff can guide you through the art-buying process. Please email for more information.

Welcome Race Fans

Anna Afshar

Art is a way of life for Anna Afshar. The experience extracts meaning in the chaos of the world, in hopes of making it more beautiful. Afshar’s forte includes city scenes and people, but she also loves landscapes and other subjects – it’s all about the light and beautiful abstract shapes it creates. Every painting is a story the moment it comes to life.

Afshar’s goal is to have fun and enjoy the thrill of making marks on the surface and connecting with people who appreciate and find their own connection to what she creates, sharing her passion for art with others.

Welcome Race Fans

Lindsey Lord

While the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a singular place, every single visitor has their own unique and special meanings and memories associated with the track and its historic race. Having grown up two blocks west of the track, Speedway Portrait aims to visually represent just how impactful the Speedway and the Indy 500 are, both to me personally as well as to the town that embraced them. By layering several maps of the track and surrounding town from 1911 to today, as well as adding markers for nostalgic moments, I combine these histories into one.

If you are interested in commissioning your own custom Speedway Portrait, please email

Welcome Race Fans

Jaylei Marie Osting

Jaylei Osting, an abstract painter based in Indianapolis, Indiana, focuses on constant movement and color relationships for the viewer’s eye, giving a “psychedelic” feel to the paintings. Jaylei’s artworks are inspired by music, the paintings reflecting what she envisions while listening to a song. Most of the music stems from the genres of alternative/indie, dance/electronic, synth wave based music.

Welcome Race Fans

Carlos Sosa Pagán

Applying over 40 years of graphic design experience to this recent phase of his career, Carlos Sosa introduces his contemporary interpretations of Latin American cultural imagery—including Mexican ceremonial traditions, pre-Colombian tribal petroglyphs, and ornamental pottery symbols. His current collection of multi-media art also draws inspiration from urban graffiti, Lucha Libre, product design and architecture, 20th century ephemera and current experiences.

Inspired by the scarcity of more modern art options to proudly display Latino heritage, this work is designed to add a sense of modernism and pride to traditional themes. Sosa brings together important aspects of his world to express his ideas about the complexity and uniqueness of the multicultural environments in which we live. The work celebrates this through hand-drawn and digital imagery, texture, color, pattern and layers.

Welcome Race Fans

Miracle Hall (Ratat Rayay)

With a distinctive cosmic style that combines vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes, and intricate details, Ratat Rayay’s artwork captures the essence of the human experience. Their paintings often depict everyday scenes infused with a touch of surrealism, inviting viewers to question the boundaries between reality and imagination. Through art, Ratat Rayay aims to challenge conventional beauty standards and showcase the unique beauty found in diversity.

Ratat Rayay’s work serves as a platform for social activism, addressing the systemic issues faced by black communities and shedding light on the resilience and strength of these marginalized groups, aiming to break down stereotypes and promote understanding and empathy.

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Welcome Race Fans