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Public Art

Shadé Bell at Homespun small

Shade Bell at Homespun: Modern Handmade

Learn more about the Downtown murals to promote racial justice, here.




The Arts Council of Indianapolis envisions a city where public art is essential to creating inspiring places, living in cohesive neighborhoods, and helping culture thrive.

Indianapolis’ Plan 2020, in its Bicentennial Agenda, calls out the importance of public art in reaching the overall city vision of becoming a healthier, more inclusive, more resilient, and more competitive community, stating:

"Public art, in particular, has a role to play because it is seen and shared by all segments of the community, young and old, rich and poor…We use art to tell stories, connect people and history, and place things in context. Art and culture make Indianapolis not only an attractive destination, but also help us recognize it as home."

We value authenticity, equity, inclusivity, flexibility, and, of course, beauty in the projects and programs that we deliver. We use public art, creative placemaking, and creative placekeeping as strategies to elaborate on what makes Indianapolis unique, to define culture hyper-locally and reflect its participants, and to encourage civic engagement on all levels.

Public art initiatives we have spearheaded include:

We also serve as a public art resource and key creative partner in community planning and development initiatives, including Reconnecting to Our Waterways, Great Places 2020, Velocity, and Plan 2020: The Bicentennial Plan for Indianapolis

Finally, we maintain information and resources that help artists get public art commissions, including identifying professional practices  and notifying artists of opportunities locally, regionally, and nationally.

Review our current and recent projects, and feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view learn more about what we do and how we can help you advance your community’s vision through public art.


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