Artist Opportunities at Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Bankers Life Fieldhouse is undergoing major renovations as part of the “Fieldhouse of the Future”—and the Arts Council of Indianapolis and Pacers Sports & Entertainment are looking for Indiana artists to be a part of it!

Art pieces will tell the story of the people, moments, and events from Indiana basketball history.

Artists can apply to create a commissioned mural in the Bankers Life Fieldhouse Team Store or propose new or existing original works to be installed throughout the arena.

Workshops on Sept. 13 and Sept. 16 will offer more information.

Applications for the Team Store mural are due Sept. 26, and the deadline for the other proposed artworks are Oct. 10 (for existing or licensed works) and Oct. 31 for proposed new works.

Application Workshops 

Application workshops will be broadcast via Zoom, and they will also be livestreamed on the Arts Council of Indianapolis’s Facebook page if Zoom capacity is hit. Recordings will also be made available here.

  • The Team Mural application workshop took place Monday, Sept. 13. Watch the video recording below:


  • The workshop for other artist opportunities will take place 6-7 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 16. Watch the recording here. Use passcode: aZs%#K%4


To be eligible for these opportunities, artists must have a strong connection to Indiana in at least one of the following ways: 

  • Live in Indiana at the time of application, with the reasonable expectation of continuing to live in Indiana for at least one year after being assigned the project.
  • Born and/or raised in Indiana, if not living in Indiana currently.
  • Educated at an Indiana college or university.
  • Artists must be age 18 or older.


Team Store Mural – Deadline: September 26, 2021

We are seeking an artist to create a hand-painted mural on brick on the upper (Main Concourse) level of the renovated Team Store. The space to be painted measures about 60” - 72” high (5-½ to 6 ft. h.) and 23 feet wide.


The vision for this mural is to have a “graffiti” or street-art aesthetic, with elements, colors and a sense of movement that encapsulates the excitement of Indiana, basketball, and the Pacers specifically (without any visual representation of Indianapolis, of any specific player, or of any player number). More information will be provided to the artist commissioned for this project.

The commission fee for this project is $8,000-$10,000 and that fee is designed to cover: 

  • Artist labor
  • Materials and supplies
  • Equipment (rentals and purchases)
  • Travel, lodging and food (if applicable)
  • Any labor subcontracts (for example: if you wish to bring in a working partner, you will be responsible for paying the partner out of the stated commission fee)
  • Any personal documentation of the project that the artist wishes to create (photographs, time lapse video, etc.)

The deadline to apply is Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021, by 11:59 p.m. ET. The artist selected will be notified by Oct. 31. Design development will take place Nov. 1-15, and the on-site painting will occur Nov. 15 to Dec. 15, with a project close-out date of Dec. 31.

Download:  pdf Pacers Team Store Mural RFQ (629 KB)

Call for Other Artist Opportunities – Deadline: October 10, 2021. & October 31, 2021

In addition to the Team Store mural, an artwork program will include works for 22 locations around three levels of the Fieldhouse, commissioning artists to tell key stories about Indiana basketball, Indianapolis, the Pacers and the Fever, and Bankers Life Fieldhouse.


We are looking to involve artists in telling these stories by: 

  • Purchasing existing, original artwork for installation
  • Purchasing licenses for high-quality images of existing artwork (physical or digital), to be reproduced at varying scales or incorporated into larger compositions 
  • Commissioning new artwork, to be created on a moderate scale and licensed for exact reproduction at large scale
  • Commissioning new, original artwork intended to be framed and installed. These opportunities are best suited for artists with 2D and graphic experience and skills. 

Approaches that include original, mixed media artworks with limited (less than 3-inch depth) 3D elements may be acceptable for some locations. Other locations may be able to accommodate elements up to 5-inch depth.

The artworks should be contemporary in feeling and narrative in nature. Interpretations of players, coaches and other key figures may be appropriate for some stories and locations. 

For a full list of topics and scenes that will be depicted in this project, please visit this page. 

The deadline to apply with proposed purchases or licenses of existing works is Oct. 10, 2021, 11:59 p.m., ET. The deadline to apply for proposed commissioned work is Oct. 31, 2021, 11:59 p.m., ET

  • If you want to be considered for both purchases and commissions on the same application using the same images, please apply by the EARLIER deadline for maximum consideration
  • You may also choose to apply TWICE—one application with your suggestions for purchased or licensed artworks, and one application later with different images for consideration as a commissioned artist

Existing works will require delivery well before the end of 2021, and artworks should only be proposed for purchase if they’re immediately available and ready for delivery. Commissioned works must be completed and installed within six months of signing the agreement.

Download:  pdf Bankers Life Artist RFQ (145 KB)


Email or call Julia Muney Moore, Director of Public Art, Arts Council of Indianapolis: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (317) 624-2556.

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