Art at Indianapolis International Airport

July 2018

In partnership with the Indianapolis Airport Authority, the Arts Council of Indianapolis manages the award-winning temporary exhibition program at Indianapolis International Airport. The Arts Council curates rotating installations in closed cases in the main terminal, commissions new work for the video screens above the main escalator/staircase, and operates a long-term loan program for large sculpture outdoors in the North Terminal Garden.

This winter, enjoy artwork by three local artists, each of whom work with vastly different materials: wood, paint, and fabric. All three are meticulous craftsmen, whose careful execution is integral to both the concept and enjoyment of their works.

The current exhibitions are on display until March 10, 2019:

 Screen Shot 2018 11 19 at 1.55.00 PM

Screen Shot 2018 11 19 at 1.57.17 PMMixed media artist Bruce Armstrong starts a painting with an idea then allows the color to take the work to a sometimes unforseen but rewarding destination. As he layers the paint, he prefers to work without formula or restraint, which allows him to continuously investigate new and fresh directions in his work. Three of his large, bold paintings, entitled Abstration Plus, and several smaller works can be seen in the Ticket Hall.




Screen Shot 2018 11 19 at 2.42.25 PM

UntitledHerron Professor Emeritus Phil Tennant prefers to refer to his wooden chair sculptures as "thrones." While smaller and more delicate than those occupied by a ruler on a ceremonial occasion, Tennant's sculptures are meant to reflect the characteristics of the would-be user. Visual elements like plumb bobs, arrows, and pendulums represent centeredness, change, and conflict. Tennant's work can be seen in the Ticket Hall.




Screen Shot 2018 11 09 at 10.38.00 AM

Screen Shot 2018 11 19 at 2.32.38 PMIn his series, Security Blantkets, artist Phil Campbell created a set of uniquely designed art quilts that incorporate 21st century materials intended to protect us from the elements of our social climate. His quilts are simultaneously lovely to look at, soft to touch, and insulating from the cold as well as from our modern  fears, such as identity theft and financial instability. This exhibition is located in the Concourse B exhbition case.



VIDEO PROJECT: Toby Kaufmann-Buhler, 2 Fragments of Motion

Toby Kaufmann Buhler

Toby Kaufmann-Buhler: 2 Fragments of Motion

Multimedia artist Toby Kaufmann-Buhler comes from a long line of writers both in this country and in Germany. Fascinated with both his family history and the words they wrote, he created 2 Fragments of Motion to knit phrases from different generations and text types into a sentence that almost makes sense but requires the viewer to use their imagination to fill in the blanks and create meaning from the seemingly random collection of words. Each viewer will read the sentence in their own way, depending on their own experiences, much as each generation of a family conforms in its own way to their present while maintaining connections to the past. The video--originally captured on Super-8 film and then re-shot digitally--can be viewed several times each hour through December 31, on the screen above the main escalator/stair between Civic Plaza and Baggage Claim.

View 2 Fragments of Motion here

Toby Kaufmann-Buhler received his B.A. in Fine Art from the University of South Florida and his M.A. in Communication Art & Design from the Royal College of Art, London, England. His work is alternatively classified as video, sound, or light, and he often collaborates with other artists such as musicians, photographers, and coders. He has had recent solo exhibitions in Madison, Wisconsin and Asheville, North Carolina, and has participated in group shows at LangLab in South Bend, Indiana; ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Listen Hear in Indianapolis, Art in Odd Places in Orlando, Florida; and Santa Fe, New Mexico, among many others. Kaufmann-Buhler lives and works in Lafayette, Indiana and is a full-time practicing artist.


2 fragments of motion (parallel) - Indianapolis International Airport from Toby Kaufmann-Buhler on Vimeo.




Tussle, by Chicago artist Ted Sitting Crow Garner, is on view in the North Terminal Garden through mid-2018.


 Proposals are currently being sought for indoor installations at the Indianapolis International Airport: visit our Artist Opportunities website for more information. 




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