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Barbara Stahl

  • Visual Art

“This project is a continual renewal for me. The studio is very versatile and allows me to work at scales that were not possible before. Every time I enter the space I get this overwhelming sense of accomplishment and gratitude.”

Just like her brushes and canvases, an artist’s creative space can be an important tool for making quality work. That is why Barbara Stahl’s project was to create her dream work space inside two dilapidated structures located on her property. The process included clearing out weeds and invasive plants, removing debris, installing windows and doors, painting and moulding the interior and exterior, and hiring a construction company to help for the rest such as insulation and running electrical and heat. The reward for building this space was immediate; Stahl was finally able to work on her piece for the Indianapolis International Airport. “Because I had the space I was able to create a very large piece that was custom built to fit perfectly in the installation case. I could never have created this piece had I been still working out of my home.” The work was displayed from July to November 2018.

One result Stahl said she would have never envisioned was being able to create an 8’ x 20’ mural for Jiffy Lube using her new studio space. “I thought of the studio primarily as a studio painting space for my fine art. So to be able to create public art in it as well was a bonus I had not anticipated...This was an incredible moment for me. I clearly saw how versatile the space is and just how important it is to have.”

Currently, Stahl is working on a large-scale body of work. “I just get a certain satisfaction from working large. It's very challenging and time consuming. I envision large art on large walls.”

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