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D. Del Reverda-Jennings

  • Visual Art

“I believe that the effects of my Creative Renewal journey have definitely enhanced and brought considerable accountability to my expertise, work, artistic presence, and voice in Indiana.”

Visual artist D. Del Reverda-Jennings’ fellowship was her chance to seek “creative freedom, inspiration, and new artistic vistas,” all on her own terms. She took textile hand-dyeing-printing workshops as well as participated in an artist residency at Gibraltar Point island in Ontario, Canada that focused on social justice issues. There, she worked with feminists hailing from diverse nations and backgrounds. Del Reverda-Jennings saw firsthand how these creatives interpreted the roles and impact of the arts. From that experience she created 6 new pieces of art and a notebook filled with observations of her peers.

Later, she ventured to Cuba, where she visited sites such as the nature reserve/artist community Las Terrezas and the Taller Experimental de Gráfica printmaking workshop. “I was thrown headlong into historic sights, witnessed distinct post-revolution Cuban social stratification, was inspired by vibrant art and artists, delicious food, beautiful imagery, and toured museums, artists studios, and galleries.” Cuba also exposed Del Reverda-Jennings to traces of the transatlantic slave trade: “shackles and harnesses which were used to constrain individuals that worked on the sugarcane and coffee plantations where the spirits of captives still linger in vast areas where coffee is spread to dry in the sun and the huge grinders where the ripe beans are processed.”

Del Reverda-Jennings credits the fellowship for connecting her with professionals across Canada and Cuba. Her goals refreshed and far-reaching, she looks forward to the artistic expressions that will come from these experiences.

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