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“The largest and most lasting effect of my renewal experience was an enhanced sense of confidence in my voice as a composer. It is this confidence that will push me to achieve higher artistic goals in the near future.”

For his creative renewal, Jordan Munson sought inspiration in the Icelandic countryside of Reykjavik. There, he drank in the beautiful landscapes and met with local musicians, such as cellist þórdís gerður jónsdóttir and sound designer/audio engineer Francesco Fabris. “During this trip, my ideas of musical space and arrangement began to move in a way that complimented the environment and enriched my understanding of the art,” Munson said. The creative process that grew from his views of Reykjavik involved computer experimentation: “The ancient characteristics of the Icelandic landscape inspired me artistically to set up processes to generate continually evolving musical material. This often pushed me to experiment with allowing the computer to interpret and re-interpret my musical ideas. This kind of "xeroxing" produced many surprising results that I was able to capitalize on and emphasize while in Iceland.” Munson also accessed recording space at Greenhouse Studios, run by renowned producer Valgeir Sigurðsson. “Its open architecture and inviting nature of the workspaces are organized in a way that encourages flourishing creative exploration,” Munson said.

Results of his fellowship include more than 90 minutes of original music and his project Heartless Fools. In the summer of 2018 he was able to share work from the fellowship via chamber ensemble at the Nief-Norf Summer Festival in Knoxville, TN. Looking back, Munson considers his fellowship nothing short of fantastic. He was finally able to merge his backgrounds in free jazz, contemporary classical composition, popular music, and electronic music. “I wanted to use my trip and immersive time in the studio as a way to expand into new compositional directions that surpassed my work at the time. In this way, I feel wholly satisfied and renewed.”

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