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Professionally, there was the initial - incredible, really - validation of simply being accepted into the Fellowship. Personally, the benefits of actually being able to have two significant blocks of time away from it all were completely recharging - physically, spiritually and creatively.


Tim's renewal adventure began with a great American road trip of 7,000 miles along U.S. Route 2, down the iconic U.S. Route 101, all the way to San Francisco, the place of his birth. His goals were two-fold: an exploration of his past and a renewal of family and artistic relationships. Having spent most of his life living and working in Indiana, he spent his time reconnecting with memories, locales, artist friends, and family from his early days on the West Coast. He enjoyed songwriting sessions in Seattle and a bicycle tour with his niece, Holly, across the Golden Gate Bridge. "I realized I didn't have to hurry. I didn't have to be anywhere. Everything, for the time being, was ok."

He also spent two weeks in Paris. He listened to gypsy street bands and toured Victor Hugo's home. "I wandered; finding out-of-the-way places and taking in museums including, perhaps most moving for me, the film museum at the Cinematheque Francaise that holds one of the world's most important collections of film history." As an avid biker, he also enjoyed the happy accident of being there to cheer as Tour de France cyclists made their laps around the city. The biggest surprise of his adventures was the discovery of how much he enjoyed photography and the realization that "I must leave more time for myself."



Composer/Sound Designer in-Residence, Phoenix Theatre, Indianapolis

Emmy Award-winning composer/producer/recording engineer, Hit City Recording, Inc.

Rock singer-songwriter with two albums of original music co-written with David Rheins


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