Jeffrey Sparks

  • Arts Administrator
Sparks, Jeffrey

"There is rarely a day that goes by that I don't spend time processing what I experienced and how it is affecting me and my work."

Jeff's Creative Renewal experience was to be immersed in a totally different culture for an extended period of time and documenting the process through photos and a blog. To prepare for his adventures, Jeff purchased camera equipment and took lessons on its use. "I chose Thailand, as my daughter and her husband lived there and their connections throughout the country would give me an opportunity to experience Thailand and her people." Jeff split his time between the city of Chaing Rai and the countryside. "I could get to the heart of the city or be in rice paddy country in 15 minutes." He spent five weeks exploring the beauty of the country and the rich history of its people.

Jeff's fellowship experience gained even more clarity and purpose when his daughter challenged him to help her discover how to communicate to western audiences the devastating impact of the sex industry on Thai culture. "What surprised me was the unawareness the Thai people had to the impact this had on their culture. It has renewed my desire to do all I can to call our culture to more self-awareness through film."


  • Founding board member and first director, The New Harmony Project, New Harmony, Ind.
  • Founding board member, President and CEO, Heartland Truly Moving Pictures
  • President, Board of Directors, Harrison Center for the Arts
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