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Jeannine Allen

  • Visual Art
Allen, Jeannine

“I believe that this renewal experience has inspired me to respond to nature, to evaluate my surroundings with a new eye. This experience has also empowered me to overcome any temptation to merely paint what I know and to resist relying on preconceived notions but instead to really paint what I see.”




Jeannine was born and raised in Maine, and having lived near the ocean, always felt a powerful connection to the sea. As a teenager, she would spend hours with her sketch pad drawing the ocean with its ships, rocky shores, and quiet sunsets. It was her sanctuary and the place where she discovered her passion for art. While most of her professional career has been in visual communications, she has been pursuing her love of art in the form of oil painting. “I paint and design because I have a passion for both. Each form of art challenges me to push to a higher level of ability, engagement, and meaning—they add purpose to my life both personally and professionally. I feel very fortunate that I can say that I love what I do and this is why I do what I do.”

Her renewal took her back to that love of the ocean and reinvigorated her artwork by way of a plein air painting class on Monhegan Island, Maine. Jeannine’s abstract landscapes strive to capture nature’s energy, and her plein air class gave her a new perspective on the process and that allowed her to see her work in a new light. Continuing her journey, she ventured from her Maine shores to the rocky coasts of northern Ireland and Scotland, where she was able to connect to her ancestral roots. “For centuries, my ancestors spent their lives by the ocean, which I believe is still a part of me today, and when I am near the ocean, I sense my ancestors within me.”


Art Director, University of Indianapolis 
Master of Arts in Painting, University of Indianapolis 
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Maine College of Art


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