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David Kleeman

  • Visual Art
Kleeman, David


“I find that the act of traveling can be a rewarding part of my process… the downtime of going places, of anticipating the adventure, of contemplating the experience, and unwinding. I traveled by car, bus, boat, train, water taxi, ferry, and subway. In addition, I wore out a good pair of shoes. I love the luxury of being able to simply go places. This grant allows for that, it carves out the time, and provides a budget for what can be an adventure of a lifetime.”






For his renewal, David focused on workshops including brazing, advanced metalsmithing, and cold casting; he traveled to salvage yards and flea markets; he attended a Maker Faire; he connected with his patrons and other artists; and found new tools that would help him perfect his craft. He allowed for “exploration, travel, spontaneity, art, nature, and learning.” He traveled extensively throughout New York in New York City, Albany, and the Catskills Mountains. He explored a Maker Faire in Queens and a magical, French carnival event called Fête Paradiso on Governors Island. He visited 3D Printer Experience in Chicago to inquire about utilizing 3D printing and visited Massachusetts to visit Mass MoCA.

He got lost in Upstate New York, scouring flea markets and antique stores scavenging pieces to bring future art to life. “Like a needle in a haystack amid twisted metal at a faraway salvage yard, or hidden in the dark recesses at the back of a hundred-year-old garage, or stashed away in a colorful cigar box designated as the junk drawer catchall, there is that singular part, that broken something, or forgotten relic of times gone by. I am the treasure hunter, and the orphan master of these very things. I find them, clean them up, and set them on their journey to becoming a part of something new, an assemblage of odds and ends all cobbled together.”


Teacher, VSA Indiana 
Studied Fine Arts, Herron School of Art and Design, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 
2005-2006, 2013-2014 Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship Recipient, Arts Council of Indianapolis

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