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Smith, Taylor


“I think only after returning from my time in Europe did it truly begin to take hold of me. Prior to my renewal process, my work was largely abstract. I have found myself drawn more to adding the figure, elements of photography, and technology into my art, and I wake up excited about what each day might bring.”






Taylor blends her own interpretation of abstraction with traditional still life and portraiture. She seeks to create work that blurs science, arts, architecture, and photography. She credits the development of her artistic foundation to her time in Germany at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste. Her experience through social and cultural issues including painting the Berlin Wall with Keith Haring and being in the country during the lift of travel restrictions from East to West Germany were also profound to her artistic development. For her renewal, she wanted to go back to visit the Germany that shaped her and to reconnect with her former teacher, world-renowned sculptor Jim Ritchie.

She traveled to Germany and France spending a month in the South of France, Paris, Berlin, and Nürnberg. She connected with Jim at his studio in the South of France and was able to refresh her education on the human figure. “Spending days with him in his studio as a more confident and accomplished artist myself, I imagined how my own creative life might evolve over the coming decades. This experience has served as a guidepost for not only a long and satisfying artistic journey, but for a life well lived.” She explored Nürnberg with her daughter and visited an old apartment where she used to live. She was moved to tears visiting this space and sharing memories with her daughter. Back in Indianapolis, she learned the art of collodion photography, an antique form of photography that was quickly replaced by the daguerreotype. Taylor was surprised to find a local master of the process in Indianapolis and he helped her set up a workshop in her studio where they produced many images together. “As I have matured as a visual artist, I have come to realize the immense value of breaking away from the daily routine of painting in my studio to seek perspective and clarity. When I care and nurture the overall picture of my emotional and physical health, I seem to experience more frequent epiphanies and reach deeper into my own creative spirit.”


Studied with Canadian Artist Jim Ritchie 
Studied at Akademie der Bildenden Künste 
Bachelor of Science, Indiana University

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