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Marty, Brent

“Being named a Creative Renewal Arts Fellow will be something I will always cherish and strive to live up to. It's validating, yes, but it's also affirming. It means that the creative work I have done here for almost 20 years is valued and it challenges me — the work I will continue to do here as an artist, an educator, a member of the community must continue to be thoughtful, relevant, and of a high caliber.”

Brent Marty has been the Director of Music and Education at the Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre since 2002. During his Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship, Marty first attended the Music Direction Intensive Workshop at the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, CT. This week-long, immersive experience afforded him the chance to meet, study with, and work alongside thirteen other music directors from around the world.

The second component of his renewal took him to London, England — a place where he had studied while in college and visited a few times, but had not returned to in thirteen years. Marty’s time in London was spent revisiting old stomping grounds and experiencing the cultural treasures there, including seeing a few plays and taking an exclusive tour of Buckingham Palace, as well as traveling the countryside from Oxford to Derbyshire. He explains, “Just me, a 19th century village and miles of open countryside to explore. I walked a lot, journaled some, and just relaxed. I don't often travel alone and found this trip to be challenging in that regard but ultimately rejuvenating and therapeutic.”

Through his renewal process, Marty has made many new connections and is now linked to music directors around the world via a Facebook page that provides a great forum for discussion and the sharing of ideas. What was most unexpected for him was the ease that he has found in being a vocal and contributing part of the musical community. He hopes that the lasting effects of his renewal will be this: “I want my work to continue to serve the community and the constituencies of the Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre and the other companies I work with in the best, most creative ways possible.” He’s also developed a new mantra for this time in his life, "Be open. Be open to new ideas. Be open to new ways of doing things. Be open to life's trials and its rewards. Be open to the beauty of the world around me. Be open to doing better. Be open to mistakes. Be open to success and to failure. Be open to the next chapter. Be open.”

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