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Partington, Brose

“Supporting Indiana artists and art projects directly affects the communities in which these artists reside, communities which are made unique by the contributions of these artists.”

Sculptor Brose Partington’s renewal process took the shape of a project to benefit his community, specifically, a book share station located in downtown Indianapolis. Titled, Harvesting Knowledge, Partington explains that, “this public art project was one of the most complicated in electrical engineering and largest outdoor kinetic piece I had ever built.”

During the design and construction of this piece, Partington worked with Scott Kennedy, a local electrical engineer, to create the electronics and program the computer that powered the machine. Kennedy began to teach him basic electronics, basic Arduino code, and continues to mentor him. Partington also worked with a friend, Adam Brand, who operates 3D Parts Manufacturing. In collaborating with Brand, Partington developed more knowledge about 3D rendering and 3D printing eventually purchasing a 3D printer with some of his fellowship award. The purchase was a wise one for Partington as the technology helps him develop inexpensive sculpture parts and prototype structures.

The renewal process affected Partington’s professional life by allowing him to work and collaborate with people in other fields than art. Specifically, it helped him to understand certain aspects of manufacturing and prototyping, as well as to share his own ideas about design. The expansion of his professional network was also a plus for Partington. But the most thrilling outcome was the opportunity to take some time off and gather his thoughts on where his work is going and the direction he wants it to take. The time to experiment with new technology and learn new skills will help provide confidence with building in the future.

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